Here are 16 exercises you can start incorporating into your training program from Grant Weeditz, body architect at Anatomy in Miami, FL. Macebell exercises will do more for you than just make you strong, they’ll awaken the ancient warrior that lives within you. Use these 3 to get. If you’ve never tried steel mace training, then it’s time to give macebells a go. Exercising with a steel mace has many fitness-related benefits.

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Log in or Sign up. Nov 28, Messages: I’ve recently started incorporating some movements used by Indian Kushti wrestlers with the gada into my sledgehammer work.

Some sources suggest this will help shoulder mobility and condition the rotator cuff muscles, but others suggest I’m only going to take the elastic out of the joint and loosen it, setting myself up for the inevitable debilitating rotator cuff tear.

What say you, f13? Kushti exercises with the gada: Karl Gotch demonstrating how to use a gada-inspired “macebell”: And Josh Barnett promoting it: FYI, the movement I’m using the most is the 10 – 2, described here: YukisHeartJun 17, Dec 3, Messages: Didn’t you already post this? Squat MoreJun 17, Doesn’t matter to me man, I know a few guys who use indian clubs and maces for their training, I made a few myself at work with thick handles for my grip strength, wrists and shoulders.


I don’t use them constantly, but when my shoulders are feeling a bit tight a few rounds with them is good. May 27, Messages: I’ve just started using club bells in my training, mills and reverse mills really seem to help my macebrll feel more mobile and stronger, but it’s still early days for me. SmashiusClayJun 17, Ezercises 22, Messages: They definitely help significantlyif you stick with them.

24 best Gada – Mace images on Pinterest | Quad, Quad bike and Exercise

Great for strengthmobilitymuscular endurance and if you work hard in the hundreds of reps cardiovascular endurance as well. Here I demonstrate a few of my favorite exercises taken from the great wrestlers of India and my favorite Kettlebell exercise for combat sports. These all require coordination and agility and will only help the combat athlete. I’m not sure how to embed you tube vidsbut will learn. KTTrainingDec 22, YukisHeartJun 3, Didn’t get much info from this thread when I exerises posted it; I wonder has anyone now had a bit more experience with this type of exercise?


5 Steel Mace Exercises You Can Do Without Swinging – Rich Thurman

Some new-ish videos, by way of apology for thread necromancy: The last one is not great, I’m afraid. YukisHeartMar 7, Sep 15, Messages: A long and narrow piece of land I found a website which I am not promoting, Exeercises was just interested in the way some wrestlers from Iran do, as my coach told me a story what is almost impossible to believe but anyway I guess you can use kettlebells to work on the shoulders ChungungoMar 7, You must log macebsll or sign up to reply here.

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