Documents Similar To Ludovico Einaudi Giorni Dispari SheetMusic. Nefeli. Uploaded by. rubinalaie · Nightbook (Album) Piano Sheet Music. Uploaded by. LUDOVICO EINAUDI – I Giorni Dispari (Original Soundtrack) – Music. Einaudi: Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi Audio CD $ In Stock. Ships from and sold by . Another master piece of pure piano enjoyment. I just love his. items Piano/Keyboard, Piano Solo Composed by Various. Edited by Sam Lung. Piano Solo Songbook. Movies, Contemporary, Classical. Softcover.

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Ludovico Einaudi – Giorni Dispari [classical] : Music

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I believe it’s a reference to the style of music even though djspari contemporary. Either way get some it’s great. You are completely right but for the wrong reason. It’s not classical music, it’s written in the style of a pop song as all his stuff is with only 4 chords and very very simple melodies.

And you can’t say its minimalism either because that will at least take from the classical tradition and develop over time into something big and powerful. There is “Classical” with a big C music being written today, mainly Minimalist and Experimental.

Ludovico Einaudi – Giorni dispari – Free Downloadable Sheet Music

The time period is the “classical period”, which is Haydn-Mozart’s era. I like Nuvole Bianche. I’m learning it on piano and I think it’s beautiful. But all of his music is eerily similar. Every song consists of an easy to follow progression of 4 chords.


Giorni Dispari

You’re exactly right, I often listen to the “best of eunaudi” first result that youtube provides. It sounds like one long song sometimes.

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