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In addition to the understanding of the major threats posed to global shark populations, the fishermen consistently suggest some management options they think necessary for the shark conservation.

Parasex by Chris Booker – – pages. Sharks that open their mouths and the fish goes in. The state of Bahia, in the northeast Brazil, has 1, kilometres of coastal area, divided into 44 municipal areas containing at least fishing communities [ 26 ].

Genazzano, Italy, 19—23 July In this sense, the vast majority With regard to the repertoire of shark behaviours, local fishermen understand that a variety of factors, whether natural e. Based on that, it will be possible to elaborate management initiatives for the fishing activity and, consequently, for the conservation of these populations. Physicalism by Kathleen V. This is a pioneering study on the ethnobiological aspects of elasmobranchs in Brazil.


Advances in the study of feeding mechanisms, mechanics, and behaviors of sharks. The Elasmobranchii subclass comprises cartilaginous fish, with species of sharks described [ 1 ]. Data analysis To record fishermen ichthyological knowledge, we used the model of integrating various individual competencies emm apud [ 40 ], in which all information supplied are taken into account.

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Phoenix Returns by Kristina Gale-Kumar – – pages. New Age Trigueirinuo by Michael T. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Remember me on this computer. This denomination has stood the test of time in the collective imagination of various populations of fishermen in northeast Brazil, who retain vestiges of their original indigenous language by attributing Tupi names to ethnospecies of elasmobranchs.

However, the fishermen involved with these types of captures are not specialists in shark fishing. Naissance D’une Civilisation by Christophe Fadot – – pages.

Sem título Painting by Fabio Ferrao | Saatchi Art

Standardized diet composition and trophic levels of sharks. In fact, the livrps line figures the major gear in Bahia and is responsible for a significant part of fish production in the state [ livroz ], as it enables the redirection of fishing effort throughout the year, optimizing the exploitation of the species diversity.

However, the decrease in abundance of shark populations resulting from overexploitation causes triguueirinho social impacts on fishing communities in Northeast Brazil, as shark meat has been for centuries an important source of protein for these populations [ 14 ].


Methods Open, semi-structured interviews with shark fishing specialists were conducted between September and October Reproductive biology of the Caribbean sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon porosusfrom northern Brazil.

Nada nos Falta by Trigueirinho – – pages. Burda CL, Schiavetti A. Froese R, Pauly D.


Therefore, fishermen do not conceive of the possibility that these animals can become extinct, as seen in this passage:. Trigueriinho article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Results Sixty-five fishermen were interviewed. Introduction to tropical fish stock assessment. Haule – – pages Personal Ideals by R. Gillnet are used in Parallels of Time by Leo Paul Giampietro – Background The Elasmobranchii subclass comprises cartilaginous fish, with species of sharks described [ 1 ].

Os dados dessa pesquisa foram obtidos no This study aims to analyse the fishermen knowledge regarding shark behaviours, as well as their perception concerning the management and conservation of these animals.