(Millions of Moldovan lei, unless otherwise indicated) Q1 Q2 Q3 9, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11, 11, 12, Banks’ reserves. /) and % (95% CI, %–%) (n/N = /) respectively. Wang D, Yang C, Kuang T, Lei H, Meng X, et al. SIGN IN. YOUR ACCOUNT. Username. Main Details. Status and Registration. Other Names. Other Addresses. Associated LEIs. Related LEIs. Error Reporting.

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The indirect excitation of a photosensitizer mediated with nonlinear optical mechanism is a strategy for applying tissue penetration enhanced near infrared NIR light on photodynamic therapy PDT. AHU-1 li emit exactly half of the incident wavelengths for indirectly exciting the strong absorption soret band of the photosensitizers.

The cytotoxicity studies, live cell imaging and in situ photodynamic efficacy were conducted on B16 melanoma cells, and the SHG-mediated PDT effectively eliminated the cancer cells.


This study provides a novel strategy for the application of nonlinear optical materials in photodynamic therapy. In order to address the problem of limited light leo, near-infrared light — nm is used in PDT because of its deeper tissue penetration and minimal damage to healthy tissues.

Prevalence of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Mainland China: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

These strategies are mainly classified into two categories: However, these modifications may result in complex, hardly predictable changes in the pharmacokinetics of PDT drugs. Working as a nonlinear optical conveyor, SHG material is able to halve the excitation wavelength to match the maximum one-photon absorption of any PS. In addition, compared to the two-photon conveyor, SHG materials do not require the formation of excited states, which could substantially eliminate photobleaching and phototoxicity.

In our recent study, a biodegradable nanoscaled coordination polymer AHU-1 with labile metal ligand bonds was synthetized, and possessed high SHG signals.

The application of polymer micelles aims to make up for the poor water-stability of the contents and co-delivers them into cancer cells for 14086 PDT. The concept of this work is illustrated in Scheme 1.


An aliquot was withdrawn at set time points and passed through a 0. The cumulative release of AHU-1 and Ce6 was calculated based on the absorbance at the corresponding lej absorption wavelengths.

Received 3rd JulyAccepted 28th October The nano-scale AHU-1 was synthesized in a 10 mL centrifuge tube with ultrasonic cleaners. The liquid supernatant was stored for further use. 01486

Lei XP Tracker – RuneClan

Scale bars represent nm. AHU-1 was excited at nm and nm. Ce6 was excited at nm.