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Hello Eurobricks community, this is my second review of a Classic Town set, you can see my first one here: First of all i must say that this was one of my favorite sets from that time and when i got it i think i was 10 i was really excited and happy. A few days ago, i decided to rebuild my old City Sets and review them. I’m really sorry that my pictures are no high-quality, i wish i had the talent to do them.

Also, i didn’t have the time to wash the pieces so some of lrgo are alittle yellow-ish. That oego said, let’s see this wonderful set! First of all, i don’t have the box of this set, nor the instruction manuals got lost a long time agobut that was not a problem since you can find the instructions online. The set contains 3 minifigures, 1 motorcycle and the truck itself. I have only one downside to this set, the stickers, it has 2 of them, but they are big see the black panels on the trailer, the POLICE sign are stickers.

Once you start building, the first thing you do is build the motorcycle, it has 2 printed tiles with Police written on them. The design is very very nice, i like this type of motorcycle better than this new ones.

The second this you build is the 4 studs structure of the tractor head. It is nicely done, with nice details like the front grill, side windows, exhaust pipes on the back and the police lights on the roof. The build is straight forward, nothing spectacular. This is how the chassis is made.

You can see the fuel 3648, front light and the way the trailer will be towed. Llego are the last steps of the build, doors are fitted, exhaust pipes and windscreen is placed. On the roof you have to put the police lights and some antennas. Sooo, after a few steps, the tractor head is done, and wow, ,ego really like how it looks.


I really like the old design of Classic Town sets, because i think they leto more detailed, they’ve got more stuff on them like, front 638, real lights, gas tanks, opening doors. From my opinion, this old sets are better than what we can find today on the market, But, that’s just me, so let’s go see the build of the trailer. Inside the Surveillance Squad trailer, we find 2 seats, 1 computer and some machine for finger prints.

What i like about this very much is that all the pieces are printed and after all this years the print is still sharp and lovely. I’m sorry again about not washing the pieces before this build, but i really didn’t have the time to do that. Another very cool thing about this trailer is that the second wheel has some kind of suspension, so it moves over bumps in the road.

I have never seen this before on a city set, but i might be wrong.

I didn’t take photos of that, it was very late and i just forgot. In conclusion, this is a great set and i still enjoy it after all this years. I think i’ll keep this one on display next to my Technic collection just because it is beautiful. You have the motorcycle, the trailer opens, 3 minifigs, lots of computers and other stuff inside.

It’s a great addition to your town. What I’d really love, though, is to see a side-by-side comparison of this with and This was ,ego favorite Town set of mine! It took an additional 15 years to get one, but so glad 3648 did. Really wish TLG would still design trailers that articulate as the old Town sets did.

This reminds me my chilhood! I had this set and long time playing with it. Now the parts are This set was of a great quality!!! 63488 now, the tractor should be redesigned to the new 6 studs wide norm! Had that set long time ago!

I remember legl this for my birthday! It was a wonderful set to play with! Thanks for the trip down memory lane with it! I had this set as a kid and just rebuilt it with my son. Still love the look of that prime mover. Maybe I’ll try to MOC this, lfgo, and into 6 wide trucks and 8 wide trailers. Thank you so much guys for liking my review, and yes, it’s a wonderful set! Today i’ll be posting another old school review, stay tuned. Wow thank you for this review.

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I loved this set growing up.

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I never thought Lego would ever make a better set ha. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account?

Instructions for – Surveillance Squad |

Posted July 2, Here we go, first thing that we have to build is the frame of the trailer. It is 6 studs wide. So, here is the finished set, in all of its glory In conclusion, this is a great set and i still enjoy it after all this years. Lots of printed pieces, lots of lights and nice details.

6348-1: Surveillance Squad

Share this post Link to post Oego on other sites. I love reading or watching reviews on a older set. Thank you for linking it. I’ll review some other sets when i’ll have the time. Posted July 3, Thanks for reviewing this blast from the past.

Your pictures are pretty good. The Jersey Brick Guy. Posted July 4, Posted November 29, Love this set alot.

LEGO Surveillance Squad Set 6348

Wish i had it, but alas i dont. Good review btw very straght forward. Posted December 2, A really awesome set!

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