The message typically means that you are trying to load a 32 bit DLL on a 64 bit system or vice versa. Verify that you have the correct version of the DLLs and. Most errors are related to missing or corrupt Leadtools files. Here are the top five most common 継承階層. システムオブジェクト。 AbcLoadOptions · AbcOptions · CodecsAbcSaveOptions.

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Whether an image file is on disk or in memory, you can get information about the image before loading it. You can also handle file-format-specific information, such as the page number or physical resolution.

– What is ?

You can supply the input for a load operation or the output of a save operation, and you can add processing, such as a paint-while-load feature. You can create as many instances of the RasterCodecs class as desired. Leadtooks, you should not pass a RasterCodecs object created in one thread to another.


Instead, create another instance of RasterCodecs in the thread.

If desired, you can copy the options from one RasterCodecs object to another by cloning the options from the source RasterCodecs using CodecsOptions. Clone and setting in the destination object Options property.

Convert Fax Embedded in PDF to TIFF

LoadOptions methods can be used to save or load the current options to a disk file or a stream. C VB using Leadtools; using Leadtools. Load srcFileName ; codecs. Imports Leadtools Imports Leadtools. Jpeg, 0 ‘ Clean up image.


Load inStream ; codecs. Save image, outStream, RasterImageFormat.

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RasterCodecs Class – Namespace – Raster, Medical, Document Help

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