The Kemo MS is a complete amplifier solution for your next electronic project. It includes a built-in volume control, mono RCA input jack, and DC power jack. Kemo MN Watt Universal Mono Amplifier Module. Buy KEMO ELECTRONIC MN online at Newark element Buy your MN from an authorized KEMO ELECTRONIC distributor.

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kwmo Need help building a mp3 player with push button volume control. Thread starter protocol Start date Aug 17, So here is the sketch of the idea: Your idea of connecting together everything is wrong because there will be 3 amplifiers.

The Kemo amplifier has such poor quality kwmo its datasheet has no detailed spec’s. With a 12V supply it might produce 2. Kemo shows a supply that has positive and negative that is completely wrong. It uses only a positive supply and 0V.

Did you notice that Kemo shows 5 wires but you wrongly show only 4 wires? The Chinese MP3 player has two speaker output wires. There is not enough information to see if you keom not short an active output to ground like you are doing with the TDA amplifier and if a coupling capacitor is needed. Its output level is probably much too high to feed an amplifier since it already has an amplifier.

The TDA amplifier with digital volume control has m302 active outputs but you are shorting one of them to 0V at the input of the Kemo amplifier.


Dont you want to add a tertiary clock 15Hz? Better to use a stereo pot and a better stereo amp http: I was k032 going to ask about stereo instead of mono. It is pointless to use the volume control chip without a lot of extra circuit.

You wont get much power with 16 Ohms on 12V. I must use a push button volume control, because it will be controlled by remote relays.

Universal Amp 12W Module M032 – 1 Channel

Or if somebody have a better solution for push button volume m03 please share. I think the best solution is an amplifier module with integrated push button volume control, but i did not find nothing like that. Then choose a better digital pot. Perhaps a nonvolatile one http: Use only one output. OK, i have chose another amplifier for this project, this one: So if anyone finds a good mp3 module please tell me. Again, cheap ebay junk has no detailed spec’s.

Its output with a 12V supply will be about 1. I solved my problem using a new mp3 module that has volume control and 3 songs ground triggering functions, and gives out a nice clear sound, the m023 ebay amplifier does get hot, but i will put on a bigger heatsink. Now i have a question about charging a 12v sealed lead acid battery 2. Again, ebay junk has no detailed spec’s. It also does not say the low voltage when the load should be disconnected it is probably not “deep discharge”.

Its datasheet shows that it barely works when its supply is as low as 12V.

Universal Amp 12W Module M – 1 Channel | Jaycar Electronics

Its spec’s are with a 32V supply where the output power and heating are almost 10 times higher. Maybe the pcb is designed wrong keom it ke,o oscillate at a high frequency that quickly drains the battery and makes heat. Here is the pdf datasheet of the battery,? The label on the front of the battery and the spec’s show that the 12V power supply will not charge the battery because its voltage is lemo low. I have finally found a suitable charger ALpro. And now i have one last question: The ALpro charger is fine but it will take all day or all night charge your battery.


The TDAA amplifier produces a maximum output of 1. If the speaker is 4 ohms then the power will be about 2W. The idle current is 50mA when the supply is 32V but who knows how much it will drop when the supply is only 12V or 13V?

Maybe it will be 40mA. When the amplifier is producing 1. Or producing lemo and heating with 1W for a total of 3W. But nobody plays music at full blast, music has dynamic levels and averages much less. So your battery discharge current will be maybe 70mA for an 8 ohm speaker or 90mA for a 4 ohm speaker.

The battery has a capacity of 2. The battery is allowed to be discharged very low.

Need help building a mp3 player with push button volume control.

Its spec’s say it will produce more than charge-discharges or last for 3 to lemo years which ever occurs first. That sounds great, now i have all that i need, and i have found a nice battery indicator for lead acid battery: This one Thanks for all the help.

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