Simultaneous display. Air velocity. Air temp. FAST. PROBE. VER. KANOMAX. ANEMOMASTER. ready. T: 00/10 M Thank you for purchasing Kanomax product. Please use this instrument properly by reading the operation manual and following the warning. Anemomaster Anemometer KANOMAX

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The unit comes standard with kanojax logging for records, PC software so you can download and analyze data on a PC or prepare a report for a client, and an articulating telescopic probe that makes it easy manomax measure at the proper degree angle even for those tricky ceiling ducts. The unit can also be programmed with several duct sizes and shapes square, rectangular or round and then give you volumetric flow rates for those ducts.

The unit can be ordered with an optional sensor to measure pressure and analog output option. The Anemomaster Anemometer Standard model is an affordable alternative for the contractor seeking an economical, but still highly accurate instrument.

Anemomaster Anemometer KANOMAX [MonotaRO Thailand]

Kanomas articulating probe has been improved with enhanced durability. The modern design flexes easily and will last for many years. The telescoping feature of the probe makes it easy to take traverse measurements at ceiling ducts and other hard to reach places. The unit is consistently growing in popularity among HVAC professionals who need a reliable yet affordable instrument with the versatility to complete various tasks without any extra equipment. The unique articulating telescopic probe allows its users to reach ducts that they otherwise would not be able to without a 61155 deal of added effort.


Our anemometers are hot-wire thermal anemometers. Basically, it measures the air speed by calculating how fast the sensor is being cooled by the air.


The principles behind all hot-wire anemometers may be the same, but the quality varies. This is due to several factors:. Other manufacturers only calibrate the velocity sensor.

These wind tunnels include a low velocity tunnel, high tunnel velocity and a variable temperature wind tunnel. Annual calibration is recommended to ensure accuracy. Also, some companies have an SOP in place that specifies how often the instrument will need to be serviced.

More specifically, regulatory compliances may dictate the calibration interval. No, these are thermal anemometers that generate heat when in operation; if you expose manomax to a flammable gas it could cause a kanomad or explosion. Corrosive or caustic gases, such a chlorine, will damage the sensor on kankmax. While it is possible to use the instrument in a non-flammable, non-caustic gases the instrument is not calibrated for these gases and it will not measure airflow accurately. Unfortunately these options are built into the main unit and must be ordered with the unit.


They cannot be added later. Anemomaster Professional comes with software. It is available as an option for the Climomaster. The unit ships in a hard carrying case and includes a meter with probe, 6 x AA kanoamx, and a NIST traceable calibration certificate. Give us a call! Our customer service team is happy to discuss your application and find a solution that works for you.


As a NEBB certified firm we do not have room for error, and Kanomax seems to understand the importance of precision manufacturing for accuracy and reliability. User Manual Download Now! Data Sheet English Download Now!

Anemometer Selection Guide Download Now! Software Download Download Now! Software Manual Download Now! How do Kanomax anemometers measure air velocity? Why should I buy your product? This is due to several factors: Kanommax the unit come with a NIST traceable certificate? Yes, all our instruments come with a calibration certificate. How often does the unit need to be calibrated? What kinds of air flow can I measure with my Kanomax anemometer? Can I measure airflow in flammable or corrosive gases?

What operating systems is the software compatible with? What does the Anemomaster come with? I have a challenging application, how can I be sure a Kanomax anemometer will work? Richard Flanders Enterprises Inc.