Ebook Ericsson Ki Workshop Manual currently available at for review only, if you need complete ebook Ericsson Ki Workshop Manual. November 21st, – Download SONY ERICSSON KI service manual amp repair info for electronics experts. Sony Ericsson Ki sony. a particular service or not. Please read the Guidelines for safe and efficient use and the Limited warranty chapters before you use your mobile phone.

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Servlce Ericsson Ki. Capture and share quality moments. For additional phone content, go to www. Register now to get a suite of tools, free online storage, special offers, news and competitions at www. For product support, go to www. These accessories can be purchased separately but may not be available in every market.

Improvements and changes to this User guide necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of current Customer shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, extract, or otherwise reverse engineer Software. Software may not be leased, assigned, or sublicensed, in whole or in part. Getting started Assembly Before you start using your phone, you need to insert a SIM card and the battery.

To insert the SIM card Remove manuwl battery cover. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the golden contacts facing down. To insert the battery This is the Internet version of the User’s guide. Always turn off your phone and detach the charger before you insert or remove the SIM card.

You can save contacts on the SIM card before you remove it from your phone. Help in your phone Help and information are available in your phone.

Navigation The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. To navigate the phone menus From standby select Menu.


Use the navigation key to move through the mxnual. Shortcuts You can use keypad shortcuts to go directly to a menu. Menu numbering starts from the top left icon and moves across and then down row by row.

Find a file and select Options Information. Press each key only once, even if the letter you want is not the first letter on the key. Press to accept a suggestion. To mute the microphone during a call Press and hold down Press and hold down to resume. Video call See a person on the mwnual during calls.

Sony Ericsson K850i User Manual

Scroll to a contact and press To call with Smart search From standby press to enter a contact name or a phone number. Enter the name and select OK. Enter servide number and select OK. Select a number option and add more information, if available.


Scroll to an option and edit the information. To add a call list number to contacts From standby press servicce tab. Scroll to the number and select Save. Select New contact to create a new contact or select an existing contact to add the number servoce. To clear the call list From standby press Esrvice to the tab and select Follow the instructions that appear. Wait for the tone and say the command to record. The voice command is played back to you. If the recording sounds OK, select If not, select and repeat steps 3 and 4 Voice commands are saved in the phone Voice answering When you use a handsfree, you can answer or reject incoming calls with your voice.

Follow the instructions that appear and select Cont. Call waiting When call waiting is used, you hear a beep if you receive a second call. To make a second call During the call, select Manuwl puts the ongoing call on hold. Select the participant to release. To have a private conversation During the call, select Options and select the participant to talk to.

Enter your password and select OK. Fixed dialling Fixed dialling allows calls to be made only to certain numbers saved on the SIM card. Messaging Receiving and saving messages You are notified when you servicce a message. Messages are automatically saved in the phone memory. When the phone memory is full, you can delete messages or save them on a memory card or on the SIM card.

If you send a text message to a group, you will serbice charged for each member. See Groups on page Select an option and then an item. To add items to the message, pressscroll an item.

Select Yes, enter a title and select OK. To save a message as a template From standby select Menu Messaging Select select a file to attach. Push email You can receive notification in your phone from your email server that Chat mannual A chat group can be started by your service provider, by an individual My friends user or by yourself.

Imaging Camera and video recorder You can take pictures and record video clips to view, save or send. This is the Internet version of the User’s guide. Press halfway down to use auto focus.

When the dot and focus frame are green, press fully down to take a picture. Make sure Review is set to On. During review, select Options To mamual pictures and video clips Activate the camera and use to select view. Scroll to the item. Press to view a video clip. Camera icons and settings Icons on the screen inform what the current setting is. These are included on the CD that comes with your phone and are available for download at www.


To go to a blog address from contacts From standby select Menu Scroll to a contact and select a Web address Select To send a picture or video clip From standby select Media.

Scroll to an item and select Send. Select a transfer method. Photo tags You can tag pictures to categorise them. Scroll to a month and a picture. Press and scroll to a tag. Press the centre touch option. Themes You can change the appearance of the screen through items such as colours and wallpaper.

You can also create new themes and download them. For more information, go to www. Transferring music from a computer With Sony Ericsson Media Manager, included on the CD with your phone, you can transfer music from CDs, your computer or that you have purchased to the phone memory or a memory card.

Turn on maual computer and insert the CD. The CD starts automatically and the installation window opens. Select a language and click OK. Srevice a playlist, or a file from a playlist, does servicee delete the file from the memory, just the reference to the file. Scroll to and select Add. New playlist Enter a name and select OK. Radio Do not use your phone as a radio in places where this is prohibited.

Select music from a list. Your phone bill or prepay card is debited when a purchase is accepted. K8500i download a music file When manyal have listened to a music file preview, you can agree to accept the A track contains a number of music blocks.

The blocks consist of pre- arranged sounds with different characteristics. The blocks manyal grouped into Intro, Verse, Chorus, and Break. You compose a melody by adding music blocks to the tracks. Esrvice compose a melody From standby select Menu Entertainment Gaming control The keys on your phone can be used for different gaming control functions. For some games you can tilt the entire phone left, right, up and down for gaming control.

Applications You can download and run Java applications.