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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Experiment with Time by J. Experiment with Time by J. Dunne was an accomplished English aeronautical engineer and a designer of Britian’s early military aircraft.

His An Experiment with Time, first published insparked a great deal of scientific expeeimento in–and controversy about–his new model of multidimensional time. Duunne series of strange, troubling jn dreams including a vision of the then fu J. A series of strange, troubling precognitive dreams including a vision of the then future catastrophic eruption of Mt.

Pelee on the island of Martininque in led Dunne to re-evaluate the meaning and expermiento of dreams. Could dreams be a blend of memories of past and future events? What was most upsetting about his dreams was that they contradicted the accepted model of time as a series of events flowing only one way: What if time wasn’t like that at all? All of this prompted Dunne to think about time in an entirely new way. To do this, Dunne made, as he put it,”an extremely um investigation in a “rather novel direction.

The result was a challenging scientific theory of the experumento Regress,” in which time, consciousness, and the universe are seen as serial, existing in four dimensions. Astonishingly, Dunne’s proposed model of time accounts for many of life’s mysteries: Here in print again is the book English playwright and novelist J. Priestley called “one of the most fascinating, most curious, and perhaps the most important books of this age. Paperbackpages. Published February 1st by Hampton Roads Publishing first published To see what your friends thought of this expperimento, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Experiment with Timeplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 20, Tim Pendry rated it liked it Shelves: I am puzzled that GoodReads has this book as first published in because I hold in my hand the much revised Third Edition of a experlmento first published in This confusion over date is apposite since the book is essentially a scientific and philosophical and the author would like to think psychological treatise on time in the context of his and others’ experience of precognition experinento dreams.

It is a serious and difficult book which has achieved cult status because it represented a sincer I am puzzled that GoodReads has this book as first published in because I hold in my hand the much revised Third Edition of a book first published in It is a serious and difficult book which has achieved cult status because it represented a sincere scientific attempt to deal with the problem at that point in history when spiritualism teimpo already a memory amongst serious thinkers and the expsrimento physics had not yet fully established itself in the public’s consciousness.

However, it is a very difficult book indeed. The writer is at pains to be clear and he does a good job of this but you have to be of a mathematical or analytical funne to get anything out of this book and I am afraid that I am not.


Although I probably read every word, I did not study every word and so it must sit in my library where my copy of Hawkins’ ‘A Brief History of Time’ sits – as read but not truly comprehended. Still, the thesis remains interesting – that there is, logically, a perceiving soul seated above the person who is taking in sense impressions from the ‘real’ world, one that can see into past and future and whose indistinct impressions can form a dream or altered state awareness of events that are yet to take place as much it can make use of its remembrance of things past.

I cannot evaluate this in the slightest but the work – from someone who has an engineers’ determination that his analysis should be logical – does have the virtue of ensuring that this ignorant reader is not automatically dismissive of any thesis that does not accord with obvious sensory impressions of the material world. As for the experience of precognition itself as opposed to the theorythe material is persuasive without allowing a fixed view. The phenomenon appears to be something to be explained and, although there may be adequate materialist explanations in due course, it is not scientifically literate to assume that a classically materialist explanation is the only one.

Dunne refers to the beginnings of quantum theory and we now know that the nature of matter is far more complex than anything he or say Eddington might have expected in the interwar period so contemporary scientists are just a little less certain of their ground in rejecting unusual possibilities than previous generations might have been.

The book clearly poses questions that still require a definitive answer over eighty years later. May 19, Katelis Viglas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Each philosopher often has a theory of time, but there isn’t any other which intrigues so much the imagination, as the obscure and, at the same time proved in mathematical diagrams, theory of this forgotten aeuronautical engineer.

The mathematics of dream Excellent. The mathematics of dreams, time and eternity. But I don’t believe that a demonstrated proof of dreem prediction is included in the book.

The problem is the mixing of the dreaming subjec with the human history as a whole.

If a singular person can dream the future, he will not predict only his own future, but of whole humanity. This is what this text explicitly says.

As for his famous contribution to the theory of the simultaneous experience of time, subjective and universall, is very well known, by so many examples in history. Nov 17, Amy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I’ve been borrowing this book from the library for many many years. I’m ecstatic it’s back in print! I still don’t know how I feel about Dunne’s theorybasically, that our dreams are memories von the future.

But it’s something that makes sense no matter how far fetched experimwnto sounds A regular person can easily understand the text; it’s not all heavy-handed scientific terms. Feb 13, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Agatha Christie’s comment after reading this book: I did dunne from that moment onwards a great sensation of comfort and a truer knowledge of serenity than I had ever obtained before.

Feb 01, Red rated it it was ok Shelves: Sep 02, Antiloquax rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an amazing book. It encourages you to record your dreams and look for predictions. In challenges out everyday dumne of time! Sep 11, Luis Damian Robles rated it liked it Shelves: This book is interesting not experimejto in theory but in presentation. Although Dunne seems excited about his discoveries, expeirmento enthusiasm does not muddle the preciseness of his observations.


Given the burden of empirical proof, the scientific validity of the book will always be called into qu This book dunnf interesting not only in theory but in presentation. Given the burden of empirical proof, the scientific validity of the book will always be called into question.

A previous jjw believes that “the main problem arises with the writer’s assumption of time having an unlimited number of dimensions.

This is a statement that Dunne does not even try to prove at any point of his otherwise rather meticulous analysis. He has no recourse but to assume that time has dimensions like space because humanity has rather limited tools of perception for the purpose of such a study. If time has dimensions, then it will take time to measure any unit of time, and one will need another unit to measure the measuring time, and so on, until infinity.

In such a model, real time would be the unattainable border of this infinite series. What this reviewer regarded as “mind-boggling philosophical statements” I found ttiempo be charming intuitive gems: Today, as Professor McKendrick points out, nearly all the functions of our bodies are operating towards the end of the adequate nutrition of the grey matter. And it now appears that, apart from its self-sustaining and self-developing activities, the brain serves as a machine for teaching the embryonic soul to think.

Borges later wrote an essay incorporating elements of the preface called “Time and J.

John William Dunne – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Since the essay can be found easily enough, here is my translation of the preface, written in I recall none more admirable than the one runne this volume. It is not merely for show; it ignites our interest in the text and sure enough the text does experimetno disappoint.

It is conversational in character and opens up marvelous possibilities for our conception of the world. Dunne was an engineer, not a man of letters. Aeronautics is indebted to him for an invention which proved its efficiency in the First World War. His le and mathematical mind was opposed to all things mystical. He arrived at his strange theory via a statistical study of his nightly e.

He explained and defended the theory in three volumes that provoked a clamor of polemic. Wells accused of him of taking the first chapter of his “The Time Machine” pub.

Dunne proposes an infinite series of times that flow in and out and because of one another. He assures us that upon our death we shall be handed the happy reins of eternity.

Experiment with Time

We shall recover all of the instants of our lives and compose them in whatever manner is most pleasant to us. God and our friends and Shakespeare shall collaborate in this. Jul 28, Aagave rated it liked it. Interesting argument that is sloppily written.

Un experimento con el tiempo

Logic clear if you can get an engineer’s undisciplined prose. Sep 10, Anthony Devine rated it it was amazing. Absolutely loved this book, gives a brand new perspective on dreams and reality. Feb 02, Quicksilver Quill rated it liked it.