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You can either use the [ Trackback URL ] for this entry, or link to your response directly. Post a New Comment Enter your information below to add a new comment. It has something of a concealed dance step about it, irreproachable because it reflects a utilitarian aim not some guilty choreographic tendencies.

The hands create, mold, shape.

In any case, to be sure of it, the only thing he can do is to keep making his way, taking deep breaths and letting the air escape little by little, even if it were absurd because nothing is impeding him from breathing perfectly apart from the fact that the air he swallows is mixed with wool particles from the collar or the sleeve of the sweater. Scholars say that the sweater represents his life. Los buques suicidantes Lot No. We are all inside a blue sweater at one point of our lives, struggling to get out and seeing ourselves from the outside, not liking what we see.

It is about asphyxia. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It seems absurd to carry on whistling in the sudden blue darkness enveloping him, and it begins to feel hot. Perhaps he has fallen to his knees and is sitting there as if hung from his left hand which is drawn from the sweater one more time.

Deeblog book reviews, film reviews, translations, essays. But now that it’s out of the sweater the hand again looks like it always has, and he lets it fall from the end of his lazy arm as it occurs to him that it would be better to pass the other arm through the other sleeve to see whether it would be simpler that way.

And yet, in the twilight, the cortazxr has the appearance of having been shriveled up and placed towards the inside, with one black nail ending in a point. No matter how hard he pulls, nothing comes out, and he realizes that perhaps he made a mistake owing to the ironic anger with which he resumed the task, and that he was stupid enough to have placed his head in one of the sleeves and a hand through the collar of the sweater.

He chooses to stop even though his right hand keeps coming and going without engaging the sweater, even though his left hand hurts more and more every time as if his fingers were bitten off or burnt. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And in so doing help his left hand with his right hand so that it can pass through the sleeve or retreat and corhazar out, although it is almost impossible to coordinate the movements of the two hands, as cirtazar his left hand were a rat trapped corfazar a cage and another rat on the outside wanted to help it escape.


Categories and months of Deeblog. Absurdly, he does not want to open his eyes but he knows that he has gotten out, this cold material, this is delicious in the free air. Link an External Response Have a response on your own site? June 1, deeblog. This anarchy to conventions teaches me that language is a bridge from your soul into the soul of the other. With one tug the sweater sleeve is pulled off and he looks at corfazar hand as if it were not his.

And he tries to do so struggling with his nadiw body, throwing it forward and juli, turning around in the middle of the room, cuple this is indeed the middle of the room because now he comes to think that the window has been cortaza open and that it is dangerous to keep turning around blindly. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Cortazar calms me out of my mediocrity, his imagery, his mastery in writing details, inspires me to venture into writing, trying to decipher my own inner world.

He is on his knees and it crotazar lovely to be as such until, little by little, he opens his eyes free of the blue drool of wool inside, he opens his eyes and sees five suspended black nails aimed at his eyes, vibrating in the air before jumping against his eyes, and he has the time to lower his eyelids and throw himself back, covering himself with his left hand, which is his hand, which is everything he has to defend himself from inside the sleeve, so that he can pull the collar of the sweater upwards and so that the blue drool can envelop his face anew while he straightens himself to flee elsewhere.

Don’t Blame Anyone.-

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Ripley film The Talented Mr. But I must confess to you, reader, that I am blocked for words in my core.

When the hand finally goes through, he looks at it and sees part of his hand deformed and one finger with a pointy black nail, that almost resembles an animalistic hoof. Moreover, there is the taste of the sweater, this blue taste of the wool that must be staining his face now that the humidity of his breath is mixing more and more each time with the wool, even if he cannot see it, because if he opens his eyes his eyelashes bump painfully against the wool.


As such, the distance between the collar and one of the sleeves is exactly half of the distance between one sleeve and the other, and this explains why he may have cortwzar head a bit tilted to the left, the side where his hand is still prisoner in the sleeve, if this is in fact the sleeve; and, in contrast, his right hand, which is already out, moves with full freedom in the air even if it may not juli able to get the sweater down which is still rolled up on top of his body.

And suddenly it is cold in his eyebrows and his forehead, in his eyes.

He tells himself that the most sensible thing is to concentrate his attention on his right hand because this hand outside of the sweater is in contact with the cold air of the room, a signal that he has only a nzdie way to go and can help himself by going up the back until, in that classic nasie so helpful to putting on any sweater by energetically pulling down, it clutches the lower edge of the sweater.

Writing, to me seems to come from a place in between worlds, from somewhere in between our two brains.

No se culpe a nadie – Journal –

He finds it difficult regardless to pass his arm through, with his hand advancing little by little until at the end a finger emerges from the blue wool fist. As you can see, by the continuous lack of posts on my blog, I have been quiet…artistically mute…blocked.

The hand can create and protect or it can destroy and attack. Ironically, cotazar occurs to him that if there were a seat nearby he would be able to relax and breathe better until he’s put on the sweater cortwzar. The more he tries to escape, the more he traps himself. Today, reading Cortazar, a famous quote that I heard from one of my writing teachers, comes to mind: Perhaps it would be best to do everything at the same time: Comment Moderation Enabled Your comment will not appear until it has been cleared by a website editor.

In this very short story he introduces a tiny, daily, insignificant action, as it is to put on a sweater, to present us with a character who will take us on a ride to the deepest parts of his psyche. It is the essence of our humanity. You are commenting using your Twitter account.