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Started by donnie7 The Lab. Started by Gachet The Lab. Started by Dualflip Drawing Board. Started by dickiefunk The Lab.

The still wins in my book. Am i crazy, or is does it seem kinda redundant to try an improve a product as highly respected as motu? I’ve read a lot on the net I’m planning to do opamp upgrades for converters soon, too and come up with the following: I haven’t done the changes myself yet, but from audio examples I have heard this is definetly worth it. The NJM isn’t a bad chip. Definitely better than many others used out there. Black Lion does mod these as well. They speak of the OpAmps being the biggest weakness.

I remember reading which ones they used, but I can’t seem to recall it. And they don’t have it on their website. It looks like a simple enough circuit that you would notice an upgrade. BB, are favourite replacements. They are pretty stable and are very flat. I think they would be an upgrade. But some don’t like the sort of “laid back” sound they have. Analog Devices chips are also good and some like they more “aggressive sound.


It is too bad they don’t make a dual AD which is really highly regarded. But they look superfast, so you will probably need some bypass caps to keep them stable. Anyway lots of options. Unfortunately it is SMD. So you can’t really put a socket in and play away. You may also want to consider bypassing some of those jrf with 1uF film caps as well.

JRC2068 Datasheet

For some Datashet comparisons, check this out: This isn’t double blind or anything, so not scientific. Plus this is in regards to headphone amps, so sort of different applications. But the opinions on that site, are very similar to the ones I have experienced and many that I have read on various forums.

There are some that are definite jrf. But at some point, I found you really get into splitting hairs, and the differences are so subtle that opinions get dztasheet broad. What sort of improvement are you seeking? Recently I made some similar modifications to my Echo Gina I agree that the analog section of many existing recording interfaces can jrrc a significant source of signal degradation.

Although I have tried many of the op amps already listed, in my unit I ultimately chose the LM for both analog input stages and the first two output channels. IMO, the LM has a greater degree of transparency than most of the available competitors. Along with the upgrading to the LMs, I also bypassed the input coupling capacitors with polypropylene film and removed the output coupling capacitors datassheet.

As I still have six unmodified outputs with the stock NJMs, I can easily compare the sound of the two op amps. Switching to the LM immediately gives a clearer, more highly resolved sound – the subtle details of each instrument are more easily recognizable in the mix.


IMO, they sound kind of hazy in the highs.

I’ve found the OPA a little better in that regard. NEs are okay, but surpassed in openness of sound by the LM Another chip worth looking datasheft is the AD, which is a dual related to the AD, but doesn’t seem to have the latter’s stability issues.

IMO, the AD is nicely detailed sounding, but somewhat warmer overall than the LM which some might describe as somewhat unforgiving. My Gina24 seems to have 0.

Although I’ve had no instability problems with the LMs, I added extra decoupling anyway. Could you elaborate some more on the difference between the high-speed opamps LM, LT and the LM – what do dstasheet mean by natural? What’s the difference regarding high end detail, transient response, perceived proximity, the perceived “immediateness” of bass?

I’ve done more reading and the LM seems to be the way to go. Gachet Member Bordeaux France Posts: It sounded like an improvement to me I’m still waiting for some opamps but sure will post samples of different configurations.

Anyone downloade Matthias’ drawn out schematic?


Please drop me a personal message if you have. I’m after the input circuits for MOTU units. Has anyone already done the upgrade? Presonus Eureka NE opamp upgrade? Mix Buss Opamp upgrade advice February 16, February 18, August 26, December 10, ,