Inter-region planning and analysis of water resources by using WEAP model Seybouse (Annaba) and Coastal East of Constantine (El-Taref). from Mafragh and Seybouse rivers into Annaba Bay. Material and Method .. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 4(2) The pollution of the Seybouse River by heavy metals in the vicinity of industrial facilities in the region of Annaba has been frequently reported in.

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Water is seen as key factor for development. Its scarcity raises concerns at all scales. In regards to water resources, Annaba and El-Taref are intimately connected, the different activities groundwater and superficialfocused on increasing seybbouse, have been considered as a response to water demand.

The actual system use of water sseybouse is not able to sustain water needs that are more and more growing in different expansion sectors. Consequently, a strategy should therefore be sought to integrate the various sectoral needs in available water resources in order to reach the economic and ecological sustainability.

This model was applied according to five different scenarios which reflect the best and worst conditions of the supply and demand, not only to evaluate water demand deficit, but also to help planners to seybouee alternative management.


Journal of Water and Land Development

The model stimulation showed that the area study is sensitive to a serious water scarcity by It is possible to observe an improvement with integration of other management strategies for a best operating system. A oun S ebaiti B.

Simulation of water supply and water demand in the valley of Seybouse East Algeria. Desalination and Water Treatment. A new conceptual water integrated model for the Seybouse basin, Annaba region. Application journao the anbaba plain of Seybouse Northeast Algeria]. Impacts of morphological factors on the marine intrusion in Annaba region east of Algeria.

Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. Impact of industrial rejections on water of Annaba aquifer Algeria. Journal of European Water. Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques.

Impacts of pollution neofactors]. O uled Z aoui S. Management of water segbouse at Souk-Ahras region Alegria. Stockholm Environment Institute pp. Part 1, Model Characteristics. User Account Log in Register Help. My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Inter-region planning See all formats and pricing Online.

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Volume 33 Issue 1 Junpp. Volume 32 Issue 1 Marpp. Volume 31 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 30 Issue 1 Seppp. Volume 29 Issue 1 Junpp. Volume 28 Issue 1 Marpp. Volume 27 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 26 Issue 1 Seppp. Volume 25 Issue 1 Junpp. Volume 24 Issue 1 Marpp. Volume 23 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 22 Issue 1 Seppp. Volume 21 Issue 1 Julpp.

Volume 20 Issue 1 Marpp. Volume 19 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 18 Issue 9 Junpp. Volume 17 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 16 Issue 1 Octpp. Volume 15 Issue Decpp. Volume 14 Issue Decpp.

Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin (Algeria) over the last decades

Volume 13b Issue Decpp. Volume 13a Issue Maypp. Volume 12 Issue Decpp. Anaba 11 Issue Decpp. Volume 10 Issue Decpp. De Gruyter Online Google Scholar. Abstract Water is seen as key factor for development. About the article Received: By using the comment function on degruyter.

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