trated in figure 2, include the National Command. Authorities (NCA) and JOPES Volume I also provides specific formats and checklists used. Cjcsm a Jopes Vol 2 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a Jopes Vol 2 -. [PDF Document] – cjcsm. 03a 31 december. joint operation planning and execution system volume ii.

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It provides military guidance for the exercise of authority by combatant commanders and other joint force commanders and 22 doctrine and selected joint tactics, techniques, and procedures for joint operations and training. What do UTCs define?

Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Vol. 1 | Public Intelligence

Tempo bands and enabler forces contain both active component and ARC forces. These policy decisions provide the basis for jkpes military planning and programming. Activation relates to what?

Training is the primary factor is what deployment phase? The component command personnel planner determines the PT requirements at each location based on a variety of factors.

The Chairman discharges a substantial part of the statutory responsibilities as the principal military adviser to the President, the NSC, and the Secretary of Defense through the institutional channels of the NSC. To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. A range of military force responses that can be projected to accomplish assigned tasks. Name the guidelines that will help determine when nopes UTC must be developed. Activation relates to recall, volunteerism, and call up.

In order to demobilize a member, demobilization orders are not required. Redeployment operations encompass four phases: Jipes are represented by a 5-character alphanumeric code. War planners use UTCs to document total Air Force manpower and logistics joopes needed to support the national military strategy during operational planning and execution activities.


In subsequent paragraphs, provide approaches iopes sending, receiving, safeguarding, and utilizing the shared data. Describe the standard UTC. What is the job of the deployed equipment custodian? Personnel planners are responsible for ensuring sufficient personnel support for contingency operation teams PT and equipment are scheduled with what team? When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for what actions?

Redeployment may include movement of forces or material from one area to another, to another location in the same area, or to the zone of interior for further employment, or home. This document describes in detail the activities to be conducted in each CAP phase.

Unless otherwise indicated, the formats joped procedures in jjopes document are mandatory for the Joint Staff, all combatant commands, Services, and combat support agencies responsive to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

What date is used when projected separation actions? Another important aspect of the citizen soldier relationship, which is also true with Air Force Reserve members, is the broad range of talent and experience that traditional Guard members bring from their civilian jobs to their military assignments.

All Air Force personnel contribute to the air expeditionary force AEF ; jooes, all authorizations must be postured in the unit type code UTC availability.

Further, a crisis can be so time critical, or a single COA so obvious, that the first written directive might be a deployment or execute order. The joint deployment process begins when planning is initiated for force projection operations in response to an action or event that requires protection of US national interests.

Voo agency determines which organizations will posture the required UTCs and the quantity? These are operational imperatives that support the full range of military operations and are a function of the joint force mission.


Pass complete!

The provision of logistics and personnel services required to maintain and prolong operations until successful mission accomplishment describes. Specifically this publication describes the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System JOPES functions and the environments in which planning for and executing conventional and nuclear joint military operations are conducted.

JOPES is not a single application, rather it is a set of applications that can be used independently but interact with a shared database.

Joint doctrine promotes a common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations. All Air Force personnel contribute to the air expeditionary force AEF ; therefore, all authorizations must be postured in the.

When is a UTC usable? Where mobilization is referred to as activation, demobilization is referred to as deactivation. The initiator of the plan must assign the classification. Since this is a registration action, it must be coordinated with other commands that are using the UTC. It is used by the joint planners to monitor, plan, and execute planning activities during peace and crisis. In the event a member is stranded in a crisis area with no communications available, members are encouraged to report their status to.

The JPEC includes the following:. The IDO is appointed for a minimum period of 18 months with the exception of short tour locations where the minimum period will be 12 months. Name the five activities of joint operation planning that must be done to plan for an anticipated operation.