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It is extremely gratifying that more undergraduate students in the world continue to learn from this text adolezcence any other. As with adolescent development, there have been major changes and transitions across the 15 editions.

Over the course of these 15 editions, the fi eld has become transformed from one in which there were only a handful of scholars mainly in the United States studying adolescent development to the thousands of researchers around the world today who are making enormous strides in our understanding of adolescence and emerging adulthood.

Over the course of the last three and a half decades, I have seen not only a dramatic increase in the quantity of research studies on adolescence and emerging adulthood but an equally impressive increase in the quality of research.


Adolescence, 15th Edition – PDF Book

For example, today there are far more high-quality longitudinal studies that provide important information about developmental changes from childhood through emerging adulthood than there were several editions ago. In addition, there is increasing concern about improving the quality of life for adolescents, resulting in more applied research and intervention eff orts. Just as McGraw-Hill looks to those who teach the adolescence course for input, each year I ask the 50 to 75 students in my adolescent development course to tell me what they like about the course and the text,and what they think could be improved.

What have my students told me lately about my course, this text, and themselves?

Today more than in earlier decades, one word highlights what students have been talking about in the last several years when I ask them about their lives and observe them: In further conversations with my students, I explored how they thought I could improve the course and the text by using connecting as a theme. Following is an outgrowth of those conversations focused on a connections theme and how I have incorporated it into the main goals of the fi ft eenth edition of the text: Connecting topical processes in development sdition guide students in avolescence topical connections across diff erent aspects of adolescent development.


Adolescence by John W. Santrock (, Paperback) US 15TH EDITION | eBay

Connecting research to what we know about development to provide students with the best and most recent theory and research in the world today about adolescence and emerging adulthood. Connecting development to the real world to help students understand ways to apply content about adolescence and emerging adulthood to the real world and improve the lives of youth. Th e goal is to motivate them to think deeply about their own personal journeys of youth and better understand who they were, are, and will be.

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