Excavations of the sites of Konar Sandal South and North near Jiroft in south- central Iran have revealed a hitherto unknown civilization of the Early Bronze Age . “To be able to say that Jiroft was a historic civilization, not a prehistoric one, is a great advance,” he says. “Finding writing on that seal impression brought tears to . Archaeologist Yusef Majidzadeh identifies the “Jiroft civilization” as having been a distinct culture during the early Bronze Age (late 3rd.

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Civllization pieces of an ancient game at Jiroft Source: Yusef Majidzadeh, the head of the archaeological team that has explored the Jiroft site, has proposed that the area and its artifacts represent a bronze age civilization that featured its own language, culture and architecture.


Jiroft and the Aratta Kingdom | CAIS©

A seal plaque from Jiroft Source: The assertions of Majidzadeh however have been challenged by several scholars as documented in the Encyclopedia Iranica:. Falcon figure from Jiroft Source: This type of depiction has proven surprisingly resilient in the cultures of ancient Iran, as seen for example with the falcon image on a Sassanian metalwork plate housed at the Hermitage Museum at Civilizatioon.

These may have been contemporary with each other or even part of the same cultural zone at one time. Possible Candle holder or incense burner from Jiroft Source: According to the Archaeology Civilixation Network:.

Jiroft Figure on horseback Source: Most interesting among the finds are more than seal impressions of cylinder and stamp seals used in economic administration.

The Jiroft zone is indicative of an niroft civilization, even as much work remains to be done by researchers, archaeologists and anthropologists. The area has certainly yielded a large range of artifacts of which many raise questions as to their purpose and function. Tablet with local script from Jiroft Source: Small statue with close up of face civilizayion a man from Jiroft Source: Blog You are here: The relationship between ancient Iran and the civilizations of the Greco-Roman world and its European successorsIndia, China and the Far East, and the Arabo-Islamic world are a major focus of this website.


Civilizations are rarely conceived in a vacuum and are often the result of the synthesis of a number of elements, examples being the Roman Empire, ancient Iran and India. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System December 29, – November 10, – 5: December 16, –