Jasmuheen. love, health, alchemy, life purpose, pranic feeding and more! You can also download so much – books & Mp3’s – from our iTunes channel!. More by Jasmuheen. Four Body Fitness: Biofields & Bliss. Jasmuheen. Biofields & Bliss Trilogy. Jasmuheen. Sanacion Armoniosa: Y el Camino de los. Jasmuheen has 57 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jasmuheen’s most popular book is Living on Light: A Source of Nutrition for the New Millennium.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Please try your request again later. Jasmuheen was born in Australia in to Norwegian immigrants. After a successful career in computer programming and finance she began researching then writing empowering metaphysical literature that was based on her own experiences of decades of deep meditation which she began in the early ‘s.

In she was awarded the IgNobel Prize for literature for her controversial book “Pranic Nourishment” which is available – like many of her 37 books – in 18 languages.

A controversial figure Jasmuheen’s main focus is on world health and world hunger issues and the projects of The Embassy of Peace for which she is an Ambassador, spending months traveling each year for the last few decades. Her tour schedule can be found on her website under her Event-Tour calendar. I have found that when we celebrate our differences we unify with each other in a field of appreciation that is unparalleled to the alternative we have known – the field of gossip and judgment which can perpetuate loneliness and separation.

When we seek to understand what another appreciates about their own way of life, and when we take the chance to see their life and the beauty of their culture though their eyes, this action and choice can eliminate feelings of both fear and separation and bond us deeply. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central.

Our latest newsletter December Now available at this link – Step by Step http: When you go online to order anything at this link, select your product and then key in the code save33 to enjoy this month of gifting – our books and meditations may make a wonderful Christmas present to yourself of for someone else!

Updated Living on Light webpage and links. The key to this ability is our day to day lifestyle which controls our personal frequency emanations and how the quantum field responds to us!

Similar authors to follow

Imagine if this is true?? The benefits to our health, our environment, long term resource sustainability and also world hunger issues are substantial! Ajsmuheen in this section y. Our beloveds passing on I loved the below insights as they confirm so much we already know!

With more of my friends now leaving their bodies as their work and time on earth is complete, it is so nice to be able to share uplifting insights such as this one by Annie Kagan When my brother Billy woke me three weeks after he died, describing what was happening to him in the afterlife, I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy.

How could my bad-boy brother, who die. After two months of intense jsamuheen it is so nice to be home again and find articles like this one in my inbox of emails – enjoy!

People are experiencing intense changes within their life, work, behaviors and personal relationships.

  ISO 18878 PDF

Many are awakening at. Identification with our Ascended Essence nature – healthy happy lives. Identification solely with our personality self keeps our brain wave patterns in busy Beta frequency mode.

Here the physical body needs nourishment from physical food or it will die. Here we stay subject to the usual experiences we have as humans in a dense three dimensional – 3D – realm where polarity is se. Life on Earth – consciousness rising! Current consciousness status on earth — facts and figures and areas of attention. Finally – we begin to release our audio books Since so many now love listening to audio books Jasmuheen finally shares her memories and motivations around her public work with jasmuhefn on prana in audio form!

In this book she shares of her times with Jesus, and the disciple Luke, to her times in Cathar country and being starved to death during the inquisition, to the life of an woman in India whose great loss revealed the Breatharian way; to dealing with Sadhus and sages in India modern day – all of this and much more Jasmuheen shares. I see such a beautiful future. Our Beautiful Future — enjoying our clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient natures- to enjoy this video insight click here! Education in the Future – Our Children and the indigos.

We now offer the below information on children as so many parents and grand parents are concerned about the new ones coming in …On children and our future … Education in the new millennium must be holistic, it must address all issues that concern us as spiritual beings here to have a human experience.

We all know that healthy and happy adults tend to also breed healthy and happy children. Hence we would like to see The Luscious Lifestyles Program be offered in all educational institutions that. Finally a new meditation! A journey back to Source Point — or the Great Central Sun — to regenerate, rejunvenate, and recalibrate our systems, to boost our lightbody energy, heal if required and let go of all that no longer serves us!

Jasmuheen also provides some additional Angelic Source Point solar tones to tune to the great central sun as you continue on in silence with this meditation. For more on this click here …. What is inter-dimensional life?

Books by Jasmuheen

It is the experience of our natural multi-dimensional nature that comes via a journey of expansion of our consciousness. By changing our brain wave patterns we can experience the different realities of more subtle and refined dimensions that exist within us and around us. Some people have jasmuheeb y.

On children and our future – holistic education. On children and our future I just found the below in our free e-book Ambassadors of Light Education in the new millennium must be holistic, it must address all issues that concern us as spiritual beings here to jasmyheen a human experience.

To achieve this, we recommend a few tips such as: Children be educated in the personal and long-term environmental and global benefits of a booos. What is the science of the fields?

The science of the fields is the study of light ray and sound wave influences as they move through the dimensions of creation. It is also the study of universal laws, intentionally directed mind power and how observing and consciously programming a field can influence its formation. Hence it can cover research into personal, community, global, universal a. Can you share a little more about general brain wave research?

Jasmuuheen obtain such a recording, electrodes are positioned on the surface of a surgically exposed brain an electrocardiogram, ECG or. Two great breath techniques! The below is for those who said you wanted some good tools jasmhueen techniques! Big love to you all – Jasmuheen Breathing Techniques for magnetizing and increasing the pranic flow using the love breath meditation and the Ancient Vedic Holy Breath tool. Both of the following techniques increase the amount of nourishing chi and prana in bpoks body and expand our cells capacity to attract and radiate nutrition from the Theta-Delta field.


We then add additional jasmuhsen such as pranayama and ba. Step Into Heaven Transparent, transactions, such simple, pure words, a sense, satisfaction, for all, to be heard. Agreement, commitment, a stage and a play, old ways we relent now, embrace brand new days. Our past as a future, or free from it all, the present our culture, just rise, end the fall. Poetic Insights and music for you! Hello again everyone – just returned from our annual Thailand Darkroom retreat where as usual we played a lot of sacred music to feed the heart book so for those who have requested this below you will find some video links to poetic insights set to music that you may enjoy from our Rhythms album – smiles Revelation, with a love all knowing, dive deeper still, jasmuhsen wisdom flowing.

How can prana feed the emotional body, and what benefits are there with this?

Jasmuheen’s Books and Publications Spotlight

The human emotional body is constantly seeking nourishment and is naturally open, and attracted, to love. Our educational and cultural systems guide us to look at self love, family love, romantic jazmuheen and even unconditional love and unfortunately these systems often. Most of your research manuals focus on DOW power in some way. What is the DOW and what is its power?

It is immortal, eternal in its expression, limitless in its love and wisdom and is all. Exactly what effects does The Prana Program have on health? To me health means being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, and radiating frequencies that feed both ourselves and the world in a harmonious and beneficial manner.

In the average western person lived to be 47 years old. Today it is approximately Once people hit 40 they ent. What are some of the personal benefits of increasing the pranic flow through the body? Helping to Heal the Rhythm of Cancer. For all those who have been emailing and asking me to do something on cancer Insights, Methods to help heal the rhythm of Cancer with Jasmuheen.

In this video Jasmuheen shares of her personal journey with rebalancing the energy of cancer. She also covers spontaneous healing, self healing methods, the benefits of juice fasting, making the body alkaline, the role of visualization and meditation in self healing, jasmuhheen methods to discover the right healing paths for each individual plus.

The aura is the electromagnetic energy field that the human body carries, and an in. What is a bio-system? The term bio-system in this context refers to the human biological system. What is a four body system and why is it necessary to tune and integrate the bio-system in order to experience the benefits jasmuhen The Prana Program? Research shares that human beings have a four body system — physical, emot.

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