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Looks like the new headlights and tail lights can be retrofitted to the pre-LCI F30s. The m-sport is sexy as hell.

Headlights aside looks pretty much the same. Besides the new B58 engine, looks like the least effort ever invested by a company to create a facelifted model. I can hardly spot a difference besides the front stock bumper and a bit on the rear taillights.

La Fusion плитка для ванной купить. Каталог La Fusion и цены на товар – Abad Ceramic

This could mean that all efforts are directed towards the new 3 series generation. Last edited by kevinlevrone; at M sport is sexy cant wait to see the LCI 4 series. So besides the headlights, the car is pretty much identical. Night pics may tell a different story. I’m still not sure that LCI tails especially on the M3 are that much of an upgrade that warranted the countless threads and debates over on F80Post.


Guess I won’t know till I see in person! Can hardly see the difference in the front. I like the straight lines better, not imolz curvy look. Pretty cheesy that the F80 M3 pics are exactly the same pictures, just with the new lights photoshopped in. I mean, look at the reflections on the body which are also likely photoshopped That is physically impossible. Unless it’s a new car, and they just photoshopped the same highlights in? Seems to be a lot more internal and performance updates jmola, 6MT, steering and motor than exterior.

Which should have a larger impact on the actual drive and performance characteristics. What are the i engine specs?? Originally Posted by castilla.

Man, I really had to look closely to notice any cosmetic differences. I don’t see any differencewhich one is the facelift?

плитка IMOLA .. В Киеве, склад

With these minor differences you really can’t tellwhy call it a facelift? All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 8.


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