DIN is a DIN standard for electrical connectors that are widely used in rack based The standard has subsequently been upgraded to international standards IEC and EN DIN connectors are used in STEbus. DIN / IEC Connectors. Wiring accessories. The ERNI connector housing range together with the ERNI interface connector system offers optimum . Perforated rail/ for connector IEC (RatiopacPro/-air, PropacPro, CompacPro, EuropacPro).

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DIN is a DIN standard for electrical connectors that are widely used in rack based electrical systems.

Standardisation of the connectors is a pre-requisite for open systems, where users expect components from different suppliers to operate together. They were also used by NuBus.

IEC (DIN ) connector systems |

The standard describes connectors which may have one, two or three rows of contacts, which are labelled as rows a, b and c. The connectors may have 16 or 32 columns, which means that the possible permutations allow 16, 32, 48, 64 or 96 contacts.


The rows and columns are on a 0. Insertion and removal force are controlled, and three durability grades are available.

Often the female DIN connectors have press fit contacts rather than solder pin contacts, to avoid thermal shock to the backplane. The headline performance of the connectors is a 2 amp per pin current carrying capacity, and volt working voltage.

Both these figures iwc need to be de-rated according to safety requirements or environmental conditions. The DIN specification identifies 3 different classes or “levels”; it’s more complicated than this, but, essentially: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A Profile of the European Connector Industry”. Municipal Services Standards Committee.

Perforated rail for connector IEC | Industrial | Schroff – North America

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