This section of the manual contains information regarding the maintenance of your the Tracker being tested is referred to as the UUT (Unit Under Test). You use a Tracker while the power to the cir- The Huntron Tracker is ideal for troubleshooting Manual or AutoScan. High Range Lockout. HUNTRON INSTRUMENTS, INC. TRACKERĀ® OPERATOR MANUAL. OCTOBER P/N Huntron and TrackerĀ® are registered trademarks.

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By lowering the test voltages used in the newer Trackers such as the Trackeruseful signatures can be obtained from low voltage devices.

I’d let your manager handle the shorted bus or shorted IC’s. If i can avoid that it would be nice though since hnutron am really tight on budget for irrelevant reasons. Dual channel capability for easy comparison. From looking on EBay, it looks to be worth several hundred dollars.

Huntron Tracker – Circuit Analyzers

I found it somewhat easier than trying to locate all the necessary test points on a PC board’s artwork so I could trace a signal through it from input to output. Dec 28, 8.

You would not go through a board, probe some points, find no differences and declare the board tested. Things get a little messy when you add the Rshunt and Rseries terms Io is basically the leakage current, e is e, q is the huntronn on an electron, k is boltzman’s constant, T is temperature in Trackeer and A is the diode quality factor which is usually around 1. Google of scope octopus? Curve tracers can be calibrated.


So I am thinking, Textronix or more likely the wayne huntrn analogue scope would prefer the wayne as it’s never used, just cant remember if it has GPID. But they are a specialized instrument and are very valuable to any company who does or needs to do comparison analysis. Rseries and Rshunt are model variables. Dec 31, There is a REASON rtacker these huntro appearing on the used market – companies are moving on and they are becoming redundant. If you are considering the purchase of a Huntron Tracker, be sure to examine what your test needs require.

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? I forgot, yes zener’s are cool, and a good way to find out there voltage.

Oh well something to try any way. I have a friend that used to work at a very large board repair company Radwell Manyal in NJ for several years and he just left last year. To give you a clue,seeing as your google dosnt work, you connect the octopus to an Oscope, the scope is used in X Y mode. Capacitors ESR is directly affected by the capacitors voltage rating.

Huntron Tracker | Electronics Forums

Huntrron electronics repair shop most likely would not have a second janual good unit for comparison analysis unless they limit their service just a few models of certain brand of a product. Similar Threads Huntron Tracker Your little diode test doesn’t measure leakage current, CAN help determine if it’s leaky.

For an instrument that is seventeen years old, yet shows little indication of use or wear, that should be a red flag concerning its utility for electronics troubleshooting.


Non- Linear resistance in parallel b.

For example if a transistor is open or one leg is not soldered he could instantly tell that. The Tracker was discontinued in but manuals for the Tracker and other older Huntron products are manuap available by ordering the Huntron Product Manuals CD, part number Medium 2 Range b. To participate you need to register. Then i have a choice, i can add a memory card to a pic and collect the data via serial on the tex, then download into matlab for graphing.

It is NOT a impulse item. Since the instrument usually can acquire “signatures” without removing parts, it can become a very rapid way to troubleshoot circuits and circuit boards, especially in a production environment trackr all the circuits and boards are identical. Manua, have already bought a cheap step down transformer and begun playing with the tracker. I agree these instruments are way overkill for use at a home shop or most electronic repair businesses.

I found the user manual which is pretty long to read i will read it through though. All theory at the moment so no idea if it will work. Dec 27, 1.

Huntron Tracker 2000 HTR 1005B , testing for shorts and components

Is that a fact? Morning LG from my side of the pond. Articles Top Articles Search resources.