Western Atlantic: North Carolina in USA, Bermuda (Ref. ) and Bahamas to Santa Catarina, Brazil (Ref. ). International trade is monitored through a. Hippocampus reidi. This small fish is smoother than some of its seahorse counterparts, but still displays a variety of colors and the ability to. The slender seahorse or longsnout seahorse (not to be confused with the Long- snouted seahorse), Hippocampus reidi, is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae.

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Captivity bred Seahorses however, may have learned to eat frozen Mysis from the beginning and are therefore much easier to keep. Species of the Pipefish family should reido kept in a dedicated tank, see the family description below.

This species has many different colours, f. The water current must not be too powerful, as they are not strong swimmers.

Pipefish can however, handle a slightly more powerful circulation than seahorses. One should avoid keeping seahorses together with food hhippocampus as this will impede feeding. The easiest solution is to keep them in a small aquarium, down to 40 liters is perfect for a little group, as a confined space makes it easier to control feeding.


Slender seahorse

The filter system must be able to hippocmapus frequent feeding with frozen food. Luckily they are bred in captivity in multiple places. Pipefish are not so widely bred as seahorses. A Seahorse Reef Part 1: Reef Compatibility of Hippocampus spp.

A Seahorse Reef, Part Two: World Wide Web electronic publication. This is based on a medium size animal, which you want to keep for several years. It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a smaller tank. A larger tank might be needed for fully-grown specimens. Some species doesn’t handle transportation very well, but that hippocamlus mean that the species isn’t hardy under the right conditions.

Hippocampus reidi – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

In this case, a “normal” aquarium is a reef aquarium with mixed corals or a fish only aquarium with an approximately salinity of 1. Species requiring more than a liter tank are considered not suitable for home aquarium.

Special aquariums may cover tanks with low salinity, sub-tropical temperature, deep sand bed, sea grass etc. No sources indicate that reido species will harm corals or other invertebrates. Only a few aquarists has reported problems keeping this species with corals and other invertebrates.


Brazilian Reidi Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi)

Reef safe with luck: Brazilian Reidi Seahorse Hippocampus reidi. English English Dansk Deutsch.

Kattegat Centeret – Kasper Hareskov Tygesen. Food Recommended Zooplankton Cyclops, pods Small crustaceans Krill, mysis, artemia Dedicated aquarium Species of the Pipefish family should be kept in a dedicated tank, see the family description below. As a pair or in hilpocampus small group This species thrives best as a pair or in a small group.

Description This species has many different colours, f. References and further reading About references Seahorse. Tags shoal group, pair couple, hard to feed. Reef safe with caution: This species may be a threat to some types of invertebrates.