expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. composite cable. 3 HDCU/HDFX (HD Triax CCU) connector ( Triax. This enables the camera to transmit bi-directional video and audio signals,and one control line to the HDCU/ HDCU Camera Control Unit via the. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it .. HDCU//(R) series Camera/panel control block (RCP/ ).

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Purpose Of This Manual Checking Before Installation Connectors And Cables Wiring Diagrams For Cables Note In Connecting Ccu Connector Location Of Printed Circuit Boards Notes For Replacing Parts Notes For Replacing The Board Notes For Hdc And Hdc When The Optical Connector Cleaner Setting The Utility Out Voltage hdc Notes On Flexible Card Wire Description On Eeprom Data Adjustment After Replacement Of Board Adjustment And Setting Items When Replacing At Board Setting Microphone Power And Intercoms Upgrading The Software manal Upgrading The Main Program Upgrading The Boot Program Recommended Replacing Parts Description Of Ccd Block Number Notes On Repair Parts Replacement Of Main Parts Replacing The Ccd Unit Replacement Of Ccd Unit Boards Replacing The Filter Disk Unit Replacing The Fan hdc Dc Fan top Dc Fan front Dc Fan rear Earphone Jack cn Board Dc In Connector cn Board Lens Connector cn Board Mic 1 In Connector cn Board Remote Connector cn Board Ret In, Test Out Connector Sdi 1 Connector hdc Sdi 2 Manuall hdc Build Up Connector Hdc encapsulated Cable Assembly Hdc triax Assembly Replacing The Switching Regulator hxcu Replacing The Boards hdc Precautions On Adjustments File Data At Adjustment Maintaining The Grayscale Chart Description On Setup Menu Connection Of Equipment Black Set Adjustment Black Shading Adjustment White Shading Adjustment Video System Level Adjustment Detail Level Adjustment Level Dependent Adjustment Detail Clip Adjustment Pedestal Level Adjustment Gamma Correction Adjustment White Manjal Level Adjustment Nd Offset Adjustment Adjustment Preparation Of Hdc Tone Adjustment hdc Ccu Data Demodulation Adjustment Video System Adjustment hdc Demodulation Tuning Adjustment Return Sync Level Adjustment Return Frequency Adjustment Chu Y Level Adjustment Chu C Level Adjustment Return Dc Level Adjustment Audio System Adjustment hdc Audio Modulation Adjustment Automatic Compensation apr Manual Rpn Compensation Adjustment Performing Automatic Rpn Detection Rpn Compensation Flowchart Preset Operator File Entering The Service Menu Settable Special Functions Locations And Functions Of Parts Controls And Connectors Attaching A Lens Adjusting Hdcy Flange Focal Length Attaching A Viewfinder Adjusting The Shoulder Pad Position Adjustments And Settings For Recording Adjusting The White Balance Setting The Electronic Shutter Setting The Camera Outputs Viewfinder Screen Status Display Starting Menu Operations Setting The Menu Items Editing The User Menu Using A “memory Stick Adjusting The Viewfinder Position Don’t have an account?