Hanacpachap cussicuinin. composer. Anonymous – traditional. 4vv; printed ; Juan de Peréz Bocanegra’s Ritual formularia. author of text. Anonymous -. Considered by choral scholars to be the first notated vocal polyphony in the Americas, this hymn tune from Peru but written in a European classical style is a. Buy Hanacpachap Cussicuinin (SATB) by Juan Pere at Choral Sheet Music.

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Welcome to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first.

Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. The site is also available in several languages.

Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. To escape from the sins of the devil help me with your strength, so that I your child, this orphan of yours, will have existence and life everlasting.

Increase my store of gold and silver, being well provisioned, it will be stored up. There will be great food harvests. Defend me from famine. Let me rest well here. May there be glory for the Lord and for his Son likewise and also for the Hanacpacchap Ghost; may there by glory for all eternity; for the life of all sustenance may there be delight. Uyarihuai muchascaita Diospa rampan Diospamaman Yurac tocto hamancaiman Yupascalla, collpascaita Huahuaiquiman suyuscaita Ricuchillai.

Hanacpachap cussicuinin (Anonymous)

Llapa yallec millaimana Muchapuai yasuihuana Huahuaiquicta. O brilliant light of the Southern Cross, Meeting with the bringer of the day, Summon me in my disdain, Save me From my anger, Precious grain store. Like me, who will take revenge For his time on earth, For his lineage, For the sons of his ancestors, Overcoming all abominations, Your child.

See the tears, see them sparkle, Weeping profusely, Your heart grieving, Turn your eyes upon me, Look upon me with your face, Mother of God.


Hanacpachap cussicuinin – Hyperion Records – CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

Huaina huallpap cussip marcan Pucarampa quespi puncun Ahuascaiquim, yupai uncun Camtam alluecpac acllarcan Quiquijquipitac munarcan Runa caita. Royal kingdom of abundance, Royalty of the royals, Born of the beginning, Grace of old age, chosen royal crown, The world has hope in you, God of grace. Golden platform that carries the God, Who grants favour with a single voice, To the very Son of God, Maker of men in your belly, In your body granting them rest, Protector of men. Youthful creator, blessed protector, Translucent door of the fortress, Your woven tunic, venerated cloth, It was chosen for you, the warp of your cloth, It was desired just for you, Human existence.

Help me fulfill my life, An unformed youth supplicates you, Creature nurtured in the flower garden of God, Wherefore, O mother, All will become turned into sand, Southern Cross.

Cammicanqui Capac tanpu Mai maicamapas uyaylla Catequeiquipac munailla Hatun soncopas hairampu Cumuicoccunapac llanpu Huacchaicuya. Vichcaicusa cussi muya Capac yayap cainacuna Yupai tica, acllacuna Iesus puricchec uruya Pillco chantac canchac cuya Suyacuncai. You are equal among princesses, Of all the saints, Of all the angels, He beats the head of the devil, His footprints measure the land, Your name. Sweet fruit of the chonta palm, Fine corn harvest of the people, Fair gentian flower crimson red, Paving stones for the temple, Sustenance from the gaze of your eyes, Translucent wave.

You are the royal storehouse, Wherever you are my gaze Will lovingly follow you. Great heart, red of the cactus flower, For the meek who bow down before you.

Hyperion Records

Place of leisure of the royal father. Honoured flowers, chosen women. Cable car to carry Christ. Precious brightness like the pillco bird, beloved shining one. Cori collca, collquechahuai Titu yachac, huacaichanca Capac micui aimuranca Muchuncaita, amachahuai. My soul, the jaguar, Lying with deceitful tongue, Leading to a life of lies, The hoards make my head dizzy, They lovingly surround me.

To escape from the sins of the devil, Help me with your strength, So that I, your child, This orphan of yours, Will have existence and life everlasting. Increase my store of gold and silver, Being well provisioned it will be stored up, There will be great food harvests, Defend me from famine, Let me rest well here. May there be glory for the Lord, And for his son likewise, And also for the Holy Ghost, May there be glory for all eternity, For the life of all sustenance, May there be delight.


Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Don’t show me this message again. Ex CathedraJeffrey Skidmore conductor. After such abandoned exuberance, Ve The bliss of Heaven, I will worship you a thousandfold, revered fruit of a mature tree, long awaited by your people, protection of spiritual strength, heed my call. Track 1 on CDA [5’02].

Track 1 on CDA [5’54]. Yupairuru pucocmallqui, Runa cunap suyacuinin.

Hanacpachap cussicuinin – Wikipedia

The bliss of Heaven, I will worship you a thousandfold, Revered fruit of a mature tree, Long awaited by your people, Protection of spiritual strength, Heed my call.

Track 6 on CDA [4’52]. Ancient lineage of Heaven, Who darkens the shining day, Who makes the moon burn bright, The bands of angels So ascend, Living source of water. Track 10 on CDA [4’50]. Shining, burning, beautiful star, At the break of the pure light of day, My trust in you is this, The lightning will sully you, Universal star that never dwindles, City of god.

Track 14 on CDA [5’08]. Unique one, ahnacpachap are my protection and support, Here and now, O my mother, At the hour of my death, I will advance to my state of grace, I will enter into my reunion with the angels. Click track numbers above to select. Hanacpachap cussicuinin, Huaran cacta muchas caiqui, Yupairuru pucocmallqui, Runa cunap suyacuinin, Callpannacpa quemicuinin, Huaciascaita.