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Asked by jalexa 4. If anyone could help with the following. Is there something I am not doing right? GI is Sonic’s ‘Global Image’ disk image format. The only thing you can convert this to is a 663230. Thanks for your email.

The programme allows me to copy an entire dvd disc and then saves it as a. The Save Image project creates disc image files and saves them on your hard drive. These disc image files can be used to create new copies of your discs whenever you wish using the Burn Image project.

There are two conversion modes in Disc Copier, as seen from the two buttons you choose from when you start. Video Compilation mode will do nearly what you want. Apart from converting video files to other filetypes, it can take Movies off a DVD and convert them to other filetypes. In the example I have selected all that are available on this disc, three of them. The menu system is left behind and lost.

Click OK, and the software will start to “cache titles”. It will read the selected movies onto the hard drive, so you need plenty of free space.

Converting .gi Files – “How-to” and usability – Roxio Community

Be aware that “More” doesn’t give you more filetypes, just some advanced options. Once you select your filetype and destination, in the “Save As” dialog, conversion will begin. This will take a long time. Even on my fast machine it takes almost as long fkletype the running time of the movies to convert to MP4.


How to Open a GI File

Again fletype for your help. I have understood your email and followed the instructions but what I am coming up against is the following. The same happens when I insert the disc in the video compilation mode and then scroll down to my drive and try to ‘add’ the disc. I hope you understand what is happening and again if you can shed some light then it is much appreciated. I trimmed the quote off your post – not much point quoting all 663230 me back at me.

In the first of my two screenshots above, I have the DVD as a source. I just then clicked and held Ctrl, and clicked each of the three ‘movies’ shown to highlight them. Nothing moved to the left or go. That’s from the plastic disc.

Running Copier in Compilation mode I navigated to hard drive K: Ctrl-A won’t select all movies, but holding Ctrl and then clicking each movie highlighted them all, and clicking OK at the end of that started the process going as usual. You have the same software as me, are you doing things as I described? Navigate to the folder where you have your DVD copied. Can you see the same movies in the right pane of the window that you saw on the DVD? I have been able to do what I wanted and copied the dvd in compilation mode and then convert the file.


What I was doing before was copying the dvd as normal to my hard drive and then tying to convert. This route should be possible but for some reason I was having no luck. Anyway thank you for taking time to help, much appreciated.!

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Posted June 28, You can’t use this mode for converting files. I think this is what you are after. Please come back to me if it isn’t. Posted June 28, edited.

.gi Extension – List of programs that can open .gi files

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