The Man of Mode has ratings and 31 reviews. Dominick said: Meh. Perhaps if I had read this through instead of setting it aside periodically, I’d feel. Complete summary of George Etherege’s The Man of Mode. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Man of Mode. Author: Etherege, George, Sir, ? Title: The man of mode, or, Sr. Fopling Flutter a comedy: acted at the Duke’s Theatre / by George Etherege.

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Loveit refuses to accept abandonment by her lover, Dorimant. Greatly enjoyed reading it and catching a few gforge of the word plays than I did at the time. Any London be Verbal brilliance, urbane sophistication and sexual conquest are the measures of success for the fashionable set who watched themselves being represented on the Restoration stage.

By refusing to settle for the man her mother has selected for her to marry, Harriet demonstrates independence. I was expecting something more etherfge than this. This perhaps could be see as part of either adhering strictly or breaking free entirely and in some cases adapting oneself into accepting some and rejecting some other qualities of both the past and the contemporary age.

Feb 19, Meghan rated it liked it Shelves: He seemed like the clown of the play. Men grow dull when they begin to be particular.

Dec 30, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: Young Bellair and Emilia publicly show their love for each other. Books by George Etherege. With its various characters falling in and falling out of love and good-will with each other the plot, just within the span of five acts, achieves a remarkable unity of time, place and action. Other georgge this the issue of identity can also be studied in the way that characters are often encountered to complain of the changing or rather deteriorating trend in rhe or all the factors mentioned above.


Nor is it strange that you should like so much That kind of wit, for most of yours is such.

The Man of Mode

Despite the subtitle, the fop Sir Fopling is only one of eterege minor characters; the rake Dorimant is the protagonist. Dorimant is completely unlikeable.

Around the mid seventeenth century, England, renowned for its theatrical genius, introduced a new, astounding feature to its public stage: Any London beau would emulate Dorimant, the unconscionable rake who loves ’em and leaves ’em, but he would also secretly fear that he in fact resembled Sir Fopling Flutter, the model of all Restoration fops, in his vanity and affectation.

Retrieved from ” https: Paperbackpages. This edition highlights the very varied critical interpretations to which this rich but episodic comedy has been subject, and makes a case for it as a psychologically astute and brilliantly executed comedy of courtship rituals.

The three debate the fop Sir Fopling Flutter, newly come to London. The University of Georgia Press, The subjecthood of the witty and virtuous heroine, Harriet, is upheld throughout the work only to dwindle into submissive obedience within the patriarchal value system at the very end.


Fopling appears and almost uncovers Dorimant but the latter leaves to meet Belinda.

The Man of Mode

Loveit in a compromising situation, feorge a newcomer, the attractive, witty Harriet appears to rattle Dorimant like nothing before. Detailed commentary notes are included alongside the play text for easy reference. Dorimant, a witty, seductive man involved with Mrs. A letter arrives from Mrs.

Belinda enters and informs her of a masked woman that Dorimant was seen in public with. Dorimant meets with Fopling and pretends that Mrs. The narration pleases and interests her, not the immoral significance of the words. Medley had me laughing out loud several times — definitely my favorite character. The Longman Anthology of British Literature: Read for Restoration Literature. The Man of Mode revolves around the life of Mr. Lady Woodvill and Old Bellair georbe their children to get married.

The Man of Mode – Wikipedia

Instead, she settles for the role of the weak woman. Smirk, a parson Handy, a valet de chambre Pages.

The play sticks to a common formula for Restoration plays, but the resolution due to aforementioned quirks felt surprisingly unsatisfying and a bit of a joke. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sep or, Indigo Wayworth rated it liked it Shelves: May 22, Surreysmum rated it it was ok Shelves: