(Stefica Cvek in the Jaws of Life; ) of the Croat Dubravka Ugresic, or Lumea in doua zile (The World in Two Days; ) of the Romanian George Balaita. George Balaita’s Lumea in doua zile ( 5; A World in Two Days) mixes fantastic-metaphysical insertions among realistic narratives on political themes. dams ophthal test · George Balaita – Lumea in Doua Zile (Polirom – Fiction Ltd) · Tesla lawsuit · Relacion de Niños de La Seccion ·

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Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita – Lumea in doua zile / The World in Two Days

He graduated from the Philology Faculty of the A. Iin University in Jassy in and subsequently worked as a draughtsman, supply teacher and P. Fromhe worked as an editor and later assistant editor-in-chief for Ateneu magazine, published in Bacau.

Inhe moved to Bucharest, where he held the position of secretary to the Writers Union. Between andhe was director of the Cartea Romaneasca publishing house.


George Bălăiță – Wikipedia

His books, which have been published in numerous editions and translated into zlie number of languages, include Calatoria The Voyage,Conversind despre Ionescu Conversing about Ionescu,Intimplari din Noaptea Soarelui de Lapte Excerpt from Critics about.

Polirom Translation rights sold to: But the modern approach taken by writer George Balaita lends the story a different meaning, introducing fantastical characters, adding colour and depth to the devils with whom Stan, the protagonist comes into contact, and adding a contemporary satirical note to the peasant world Creanga created.

A cohabitation, with multiple meanings, between people and devils, between people who acquire devilish georgr and devils who you sense are capable of humane acts — this is how George Balaita sums up his novel. It is a book that contains a lot of humour, and also a moral. It is a spectacle, which sets out to reinterpret one of the greatest writers in Romanian literature.

Novel, “George Balaita” series, Polirom,pages Copyright: In a provincial town, Antipa, a commuting functionary, is amusing himself with some friends. As a joke, he wagers at random on the life and death of some acquaintances.


Are we dealing with a seer or a charlatan?

A dark legend springs up around this man endowed with hellish powers that he himself refuses to take seriously. The author gets caught up in the mechanisms of madness, random occurrence, georve the fantastical.

It is as if the world is built anew against the backdrop of a grey provincial town, the boundaries of life and death become blurred, and the virtues of formerly life-giving language are re-dimensioned. All rights available Book presentation In a provincial town, Antipa, a balxita functionary, is amusing himself with some friends.