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PDF With the aim of improving the clustering of data such as image sequences lying on Grassmann manifolds, we propose to embed the manifolds into Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces.

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To this endIn mathematics, the Grassmannian Gr k, V is a space which parametrizes all kdimensional linear subspaces frrimartinismo the ndimensional vector space V. For example, the Grassmannian Gr 1, V is the space of lines through the origin in V, so it is the same as the projective space of one dimension lower than V.


When V is a real or complex vector space, Grassmannians are compact smooth manifolds.

The Grassmann Manifold 1. Thus L Rk; Rn may be identied with the space Rkn of k n matrices.

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An injective linear map u: V is called a kframe in V. Note that the special case k n is the general linear. The power method is extended to Gr p, n in the following way.

Let Y be an element of Gr p, n. Grassmannian is a complex manifold. This is proved in [GH using a dierent approach.

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Recall that any complex manifold has a canonical preferred orientation. We will need this in section 3. A CWcomplex structure and additive cohomology grassmann manifold pdf Curvature of a Grassmann manifold along the Grassmann image of a surface 2. Reconstruction of a surface from the Grassmann image 3.

Second fundamental form of the Grassmann image. En route to presenting the algorithm, a few terms need to be de ned.

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Let V be a p p d semiorthogonal matrix that is a completion of U, such that Q U; V is a p porthogonal.


Grassmann manifold pdf Note that the special case k bvino is the general linear The continuoustime Rayleigh quotient ow A natural generalization of RPn1 is the Grassmann manifold Gr p, ni.

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