FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. NOTE: a single EASA release on Form with only “Other regulation specified in block 12” ticked in block 14a is also acceptable for USED. What is the difference between an FAA Form and a Certificate of Conformity? ANSWER: An FAA Form , Airworthiness Approval Form, identifies.

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FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

Invoice and Work order numbers can be set to auto-increment. The thought behind this was that if implemented correctly, the form would serve the same purpose of the JAA Form 1.

Two organization fields available for station numbers, alternate address etc. In block 12 the following statement will be entered: First, know what the form can and is used for.

I am sure that the FAA was really proud of their changes to the old form, because now this was truly a dual-purpose form. The following are examples of conditions that could necessitate a statement in this block: Okay, you were in a hurry and sent the form with the part to a customer and he lets you know that there was a typo. Ticking all the Right Boxes.

Mike Broderick is V.

An FAA Form received from a repair station as approval for return to service with the part should first be scrutinized to ensure the repair station is authorized to sign for the approval for return to service, then the airworthiness approval tag should become a part of the aircraft permanent records as required by 14 CFR Part Pre-set authorized names for signature box inclusion and remarks text.


Okay here we go. The reissued is not a statement of current condition of the article and must reference the being corrected. For the sake of expediency and spacelisted below are the changes, block-by-block, needed to complete a maintenance release Block 14c Enter your repair station, PAH or air carrier number. Multiple items must be numbered in sequence.

FAA Form -vs- Certificate of Conformity

Photo of the Month. As the originator you must retain a copy of each form issued to allow verification of the original data. This is the date on which the original work was completed and must be in the following format: However, care must be vorm to check the relevant box es in Block 14a to validate the release. I would go to the FAA website http: View all articles by Mike Broderick.

Ticking all the Right Boxes | AMU Magazine

Look at your calendar. What do you do? Click on image to enlarge.

Welcome once again my faithful students. See graphic on page You do not need to verify the serviceability of the article again. Describe the work identified in Block 11 and associated results necessary for the user or installer to determine the airworthiness of the product or article in relation to the work being certified. Okay, stick with me because we can fix this and get you 8130-33 on the straight and narrow.

Is it for the purpose of exporting a part, or is it only for the purpose of assuring that we are not getting a part flrm is unapproved? The new regulation requires that section or be “shaded out” if not used.

Organization Name and Address The organization name, address and pertinent company information you wish to put in this block. It also serves as approval for return to service after maintenance or alteration by an authorized part repair station, or a U. Item When the is issued a single item number or multiple fork numbers for example, same item with different serial numbers may be used for the same part number.


Ticking all the Right Boxes

He then asks us to ship the part and, not only does it arrive in France without the correct Export Certificate of 8103-3, but we have now added to international tensions. That procedure remains the same today. First the recipient of the incorrect form must request replacement in writing and return 81130-3 incorrect form to you. Refer to the two forms which I have provided for ease of explanation see graphics. Reference, invoice and batch numbers can be set to automatically increment.

We then placed the certificate with the part and shipped it to the foreign customer. Most fields can be pre-set to default values. Maintenance or Manufacture Fail? However about 20 years ago or so the form was changed immensely to accommodate its new purpose, which is an approval of a product for return to service after maintenance. You should use the term or name used in the instructions for continued airworthiness or maintenance data.

We assure him that the part does come with an airworthiness approval 810-3.