FM MCRP D FIELD HYGIENE AND SANITATION HEADQUARTERS , DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND COMMANDANT, MARINE CORPS. This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Field Hygiene and Sanitation. Field Hygiene and Sanitation (FM ) [The United States Army] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The purpose of this publication is to.

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When used intelligently, they are very effective. Improvised devices may be used under emergency conditions; the burn-out latrine is the preferred method for improvised devices.

Check interior for hygirne if can has a fuel odor, such as gasoline, do not use it for drinking water. If thermometers are not available, the third sink must have boiling water.

2110 each of these poles, attach one end of a shelter ,half, blanket, or sheet ; secure the other end to the foot of the bed; tuck the portion which is not needed smoothly under the mattress fig. Care of the Feet Battles and wars are still being 21-01 by the foot soldier. Care of the feet. Oil-water flash burner for messkit washing setup. Underclothing, if possible, should be changed daily. Cleanse the mouth and teeth thoroughly at least once each day.

The source that appears to be the cleanest should be selected. Contaminated Water — Water which is unfit for human consumption even though it may be palatable c below. Furthermore, ice must be protected from disease-producing or- ganisms, debris, and trash.


Army Field Manual FM (Field Hygiene and Sanitation) : The United States Army :

Allow vapors to disperse for 10 minutes sanitahion entering the enclosure. Disease agents are transmitted by insects in two general ways: Body lice tend to move to the body of the host only during the actual feeding process. Outbreaks of Disease will occur when personal hygiene and proper sanitation hyviene applicable to food handling, water purification, water disposal, and the control of flies and other vermin are not properly observed and enforced. It can pick up disease germs on its body when it comes in contact with filth and may deposit these germs on food.

Army Field Manual FM 21-10 (Field Hygiene and Sanitation)

Both units had to be replaced medically evacuated without seeing any enemy action because they were not combat ready. This person can spread the germs in the same manner as the case. Sanitation is the effective use of measures which will create and maintain healthful environ- mental conditions.

The drums may be used with or without modification in size. Certain medical department personnel serve under the surgeon as technical advisors in disease pre- vention, hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. 12-10

Full text of “FM Field Hygiene and Sanitation”

NOTE Some individuals do not drink enough fluids and tend to hold their urine due to a lack of privacy in the field. If the sprayer leaks, replace the gaskets or tighten the connections on the hose, wand, and nozzle. When a stream is used, the intake should be located upstream from any source sanittion contami- nation. A soakage pit para 79 must be provided under each device to prevent water from collecting.


In this condition the soles of the feet become wrin- kled and white, and standing or walking becomes extremely painful. Break in the chain of disease transmission. You should not let fear or stress keep you from doing your job. General 6 II.

A person may acquire immunity to certain diseases by becoming infected with the germs which cause the diseases. After filling, check manhole cover and drain plug to ensure that they are secure. It is capable of treating water at the rate of one-fourth gallon per minute.

The feet should be washed daily and dried thoroughly, especially between the toes. Water from any of these sources must be disin- fected before drinking. Ground water is usually less contaminated than surface water and is, therefore, a more desirable water source.

Frostbitten areas that are rubbed can cause additional injury to the affected areas. General 55, 56 29 II.