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Please scroll further down the page for information training info etc if we have available pups we will have them posted on this page or the nursery page.

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Enjoy the antics of our playful southern sea otters as they romp tumble and wrestle like their brethren in the bay on the second floor of the exhibit you can watch them swim at the surface while firstfloor windows give an underwater view feeding and training sessions are held three times daily.

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Normally after whelping she will stop shivering and panting clean her pups and herself and settle down to feed her pups if all seems normal i just call my vet and let him know what has happened.

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16 reviews of playful pups this is a great and reliable dog boarding business in the columbus and ft benning area our first time bringing our dog we had to see if she got along with the other dogs for a few hours she got along fine and we.

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Csections are always the last resort and are sometimes unavoidable like if two pups try to come out at once or the puppies are too large to pass through or if the dam is just too exhausted to carry on after failing to pass puppies.

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Copyright leerburg174 enterprises inc 4 here are some general rules for bottle feeding puppies always boil your water before using allow time to cool.

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K and js country pups is a small family owned breeding kennel operation in the countryside of honey grove texas honey grove is located about an hour and a half north of dallas tx.

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Medical alert 3619 ariel was surrendered to us when her mom had too much on her plate and was gone long hours leaving ariel home alone too much.

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2 my vet told me my dog would get sick or die from feeding a raw diet i am having second thoughts about switching this is one of the most common emails i get from people researching a raw diet or from our puppy customers after they take their pup in for a wellness exam.