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1f-6209 a manual of the Fagor 1F LX below. All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Have a question about the Fagor 1F LX but cannot find the answer in the user manual? Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Fagor 1F LX.

Handleiding Fagor 1f lx (pagina 44 van 82) (English, Espanôl, Français, Português)

Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Fagor 1F LX as precisely as you can. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your faglr. Fagor 1F LX manual. Previous page Next page. Table of Contents Page: The Guarantee is valid for two vagor from the date of receipt of the appliance, and covers all repairs which may be carried out by Official Technical Assistance Service.

The following are excluded from this Guarantee. In these cases the total repair cost will correspond to the user: This Guarantee shall ragor be valid within the E.

For other countries, please consult 1f2609 distributor. Tighten the connec- tion nut well. We recommend you have a fixed drainage exit at a 11f-2609 of bet- ween 50 and 70 cm from the floor. Ensure that the drainage pipe is not too tight and that there are no folds or bottlenecks. Level the washing machine by using the adjustable feet.

This will reduce the noise level and ensure that the machine will not move when in operation. If your washing machine has an input for hot water, connect the tube with the red threa- ding to the hot water tap and to the electrically operated valve with the red filter. It contains important information. Ensure that the voltage available at 1f-2690 base of the socket is the same as the voltage indicated on the panel.

It is easy to change the coating of the washing machine panels to match your kitchen furniture.

Fagor 1F LX manual

These coa- ting panels may not be thicker than 5 mm. Extract the panel that was supplied with the washing machine. The electrical fittings, socket, plug, fuses or automatic switch and meter must be scaled for the maximum power indicated on the characteristics panel. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by one with the same reference number, only available from an authorised service centre. If it is less than 3 mm.

In order to assemble the door with the new decora- tive panel, repeat the steps given in points a, b, c. Then hang the door again. Now place the fastener in the spot where the upper hinge used to be h Remove the protec- tive buffer and place it in the spot where the lower hinge used to be. This is in order to check the installation, the connections and the drainage system, as well as to fully clean the inside before run- ning a wash program- me in the washing machine.

It is possible to place the washing machine under the kitchen worktop. If you need to change the worktop of the was- hing machine, please ask the Technical Support Service, for the guard plate and follow these steps: We recommend you use delicate pro- grammes for delicate garments. Woollens may be washed in a special wool program- me.


Small objects can obstruct the motor pump for water discharge. Sort your laundry accor- ding to the colours. Wash whi- tes and coloureds separately.

Before you start the wash programme, intro- duce the detergent or additive in the deter- gent drawer. The detergent drawer of your washing machine has three compart- ments.

This will save water and energy.

IWe recommend that you wash garments of different sizes in the same wash programme, if possible, in order to reinforce the washing effects. This also favours the distribution of the laundry inside the drum at the spin- ning stage, which will mean the machine will work more silently.

The optional drawer should be placed in the wash compart- ment. Remember that fgor are concentrated deter- gents that are more careful with nature and the environment. Using more detergent than is needed does not improve the wash results and as well as being a waste of money, it has a negative effect on the preservation of the environment.

Therefore, please follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the detergent. Turn ON the machine by pres- sing the program- me selector, which pops out. Select the wash programme by tur- ning the Programme Selector Faor. When you do this, the spin speed light corres- ponding to the fafor programme will light up.

Fagor 1F-2609 Washing Machine Parts

Then it will show the approxi- mate duration of the programme in minutes. The time that appears on the display chan- ges according to the progress of the pro- gramme We recommend that you should choose the pro- 11f-2609 that is most suited to your wash, in order to avoid the pre-wash whenever possible.

You will save money and help to preserve the environment. If your washing machine is a fully inte- grated model, instead of pressing the pro- gramme selector con- trol, you have to press the button in the middle of the control panel, shown in the photo. The kWh and litre consumption, as well as the programme duration given are for the maximum load case.

They may vary depending on the type and amount of laundry, mains water pressure, etc. Any change of programme during the selection annuls the previously selected options. Once ON has been activated programme selector control out or the button in the middle in the fully integrated modelselect the options you want. When you select your options, the corres- ponding light will light up beside the selection button.

Spin Speed Selection The selected program- me has a number of spin revolutions asso- ciated, which may be viewed in the upper pilots. If necessary, you may change the spin revo- lutions, eliminate the spin and the flot or no- creases option. To do so, press the spin speed selection button once or more often until the desired option lights up.

The options are as follows: When the function is deactivated, the washing machine con- tinues the programme, draining the water and spinning. This option is used, for example, when you are not at home and wish to delay the spin until you arrive, in order to avoid creases in the laundry after the spin and the time lapsed before the clothes are removed from the drum.

No spin This option allows you to run a programme without the final spin. This is used to avoid the formation of creases when washing special materials. Extra Rinse This option increases the degree of final rinse obtained in the laundry; it is recommended for large loads and gar- ments belonging to peo- ple with sensitive skin.

This option increases water consumption! Reduced Time By selecting this option, it is possible to reduce the programme time by up to a third see pro- gramme table. If your washing machine has a display, the new time will appear when you press this option. Easy iron This option avoids the formation of creases in clothes by running a special programme with several special spins to separate the clothes after the spin and ease the task of ironing them afterwards.


Selecting delay This option only exists if your washing machine has a display. It may be selected before or after selecting the wash pro- gramme. This may be selected after the wash pro- gramme is selected. In order to select the hours of delay, press or hold down the but- ton, until the display shows the number of hours of delay.

Press once more to annul the delay. The approximate dura- tion of the programme will then be shown. IMPORTANT If you change the pro- gramme or press the programme selector in OFFor the button in the middle in the fully integrated model, while selecting addi- tional functions, all the functions that have been selected before- hand will be annulled. It is used as a child protection lock, etc. Activating the lock The lock is activated by simultaneously holding down the Extra Rinse and Easy Iron buttons for at least 3 seconds.

The lock should be activated after selec- ting the wash program- me and all its options, as well as the desired delay. Deactivating the lock The lock is eliminated when the wash program- me ends, when the END light comes on. After the 3 seconds, the light will go off and the machine will enter the pause mode. The OFF function press the con- trol in or the button in the middle in the fully inte- grated model does not eliminate the lock.

When the washing machine starts to work again, it will continue to run the programme at the point where it left off. The display situa- ted over the button will light up and the was- hing machine will start the selected program- me with the options.

If your washing machine has a display, you will be able to see how many minutes are left until the end of the wash. When pressed, the display will flash in cycles of 2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF during the whole of the period selected as the delay, whereas the time shall be discounted by the hour, until the last hour, when it will show the minutes left until the programme begins.

Any option button may be selected as long as the phase in the pro- gramme in which it takes effect has not ended and as long as the programme allows this option. Pressing the delay but- ton during the wash has no effect on the washing machine.

If at any moment you notice that the laundry is not fully rinsed when you take it out, try to spin again after dis- tributing the clothes more evenly in the drum.

With the aim of preserving the environment, your washing machine is equipped with a system that is able to adapt to the different conditions of use laundry load and type of materialthereby ensu- ring an optimum level of water and energy.

This means that during the wash process, alt- hough the amount of water you can see through the porthole door may seem low, there is no need to worry. The wash and rinse will be highly efficient.