//JBZ: Kaderbesluit van de Raad van 13 juni betreffende het Europees aanhoudingsbevel en de procedures van overlevering tussen de lidstaten. Europees arrestatiebevel translated from Dutch to English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Dutch to English translation results for ‘Europees arrestatiebevel’ designed for tablets and mobile devices. Possible languages include English, Dutch, German, .

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EUR-Lex – F – EN – EUR-Lex

As a general rule, the judicial authority which arrests the accused may not then refuse to surrender him. The Framework Decision 1 on the European arrest warrant is designed to simplify and speed up surrender procedures between Member States: The mechanism of the European arrest warrant is based on a high level of confidence between Member States.

Its implementation may be suspended only in the event of a serious and persistent breach by one of the Member States of the principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Moreover, the judicial authority of the Member State responsible for executing the arrest warrant must refuse to execute the warrant if it is informed that arresttiebevel requested person has been finally judged by a Member State in respect of the same acts.

Translate ‘Europees arrestatiebevel’ from Dutch to English

Furthermore, if the executing judicial authority finds the eutopees communicated by the issuing Member State to be insufficient to allow it to decide on surrender, it must request the authority which has issued the warrant to provide it with the necessary supplementary information as a matter of urgency.


He subsequently served a prison sentence of 10 months wuropees 20 days. Inthat court issued a European arrest warrant in respect of Arrestattiebevel Mantello, alleging that between and he had participated in organised drug trafficking in a number of Italian towns and in Germany. The Tribunale di Catania – in its capacity as the judicial authority which issued the arrest warrant – informed the Oberlandesgericht Higher Regional Court Stuttgart that the judgment delivered in was not a bar to executing the warrant.

In the interests of their investigation, the investigators did not pass on to the investigating judge all the information and evidence in their possession and did not, at that time, request the prosecution of those acts.

The Court notes that a requested person is considered to have been finally wrrestatiebevel in respect of the same acts where, following criminal proceedings, further prosecution is definitively barred or the person is finally acquitted.

Consequently, a decision which, under the law of the Member State which instituted criminal proceedings, does not definitively bar further prosecution at national level in respect of certain acts does not constitute a procedural obstacle to the possible opening or continuation of criminal proceedings in respect of the same acts in one of the Member States of the European Union.


When, in response to a request for information made by the executing judicial authority, the authority that issued the arrest warrant has expressly stated on the basis of its national law that the earlier judgment delivered under its legal system is not a final judgment covering the acts referred to in the arrest warrant issued by it, the executing judicial authority cannot as a general rule refuse to execute the European arrest warrant.

A reference for a preliminary ruling allows the courts and tribunals of the Member States, in disputes which have been brought before them, to refer questions to the Court of Justice about the interpretation of European Union law or the validity of a European Union act. The Court of Justice does not decide the dispute itself.

EU-landen hypocriet over grensbewaking. Unofficial document for media use, not binding on the Court of Justice.

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