The oil has good antifriction properties for heavy-duty and viscosity of 10W for use in modern car engines. This oil has lubrication action high reliability and. Products – PRODUCT NAME: ESSO ULTRON 5W SUPPLIER: EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION. GALLOWS RD. FAIRFAX, VA 24 – Hour. Esso Ultron 5W is a super premium quality synthetic motor oil developed to provide the highest standard of lubricant reliability and.

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Esso Ultron 5W – especially quality synthetic oil developed for ensuring reliable work and protection of all types of engines of cars at the level of the royal standards. Esso Ultron 5W oil is recommended for application in all types of engines, especially modern multivalvate petrol or diesel, equipped with microprocessor systems of injection, a turbo-supercharging and other systems of increase of power. Esso Ultron 5W – perfectly is suitable for all automobile, easy trucks and minibuses.


Essp oil – the ideal choice for those who wish to receive the highest quality and reliable protection from oil. Esso Ultron 5W oil corresponds or surpasses the following specifications of the industry and producers of the equipment: I agree with privacy policiesregarding confidential data and user agreement. I agree to receive offers from other companies.

ESSO Ultron 5W 1L buy in Kiev

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Esso Ultron 5W (PDS[en]), PCMO OIL

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