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Cory ‘s review Mar 15, This series goes downhill rapidly with every book I read. I really liked the first bookI found the world-building to be amazing and original, even though I noticed the similarities to other fantasy novels.

I didn’t mind, though. The second book was then a big disappointment, completely dull and long-winded. So now, here we are with the third book in the series, Brisngngsrr Brisingr, probably the most boring drivel I have ever read.

If you asked me what exactly happened in Brisingr, I would have serious problems attempting to answer your question. Let’s see what the blurb has to say about that.

Die Weisheit des Feuers – Teil 1 (Eragon, #3.1)

No really, it was colossal. Eragon is reminded of several promises he once made to a bunch of people. Shouldn’t of done that, dude. Eragon travels the kingdom in order to keep those promises.

Cory (Germany)’s review of Die Weisheit des Feuers

A man’s gotta do sragon a man’s gotta do. Eragon must continue impersonating hope. Or at least try to do so. Well, isn’t that exciting. No, it is not. What the blurb managed to feudrs in, like, nine sentences took Paolini pages of lengthy rambling. Or 24 audio CDs for that matter because I had the pleasure to listen to the audio book while struggling not to fall asleep during it.

Which is quite dangerous if you, like me, listen to audio books while driving.

| Eragon Die Weisheit des Feuers | English-Icelandic Dictionary

Frankly, Brisingr more felt like a gory blood feast than a fantasy novel. It didn’t even take ten minutes into the book and I was already completely grossed out. It didn’t get better afterwards. I cannot even count how many fights I had to listen to; fights that were described disturbingly vivid, in shocking, bloody detail.

Slit throats, knives being drilled into heads weisheig a lot of beheading and slashing Not only was it really sickening but it also became rather repetitive after the th fight.


For what kind of audience was this book actually written for, I wonder? I certainly wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone under 18 years. Oh, and neither to anyone over 18 years while we’re at it. I got the impression that the author grew tired of all these boring dwarves, elves dee dragons.

I mean, after two books about this childish stuff it starts to wear out, doesn’t it. So, what would be the obvious solution to make things more thrilling again and add a never known level of gore? That’s right, an army of zombiesof course! I’m rather baffled as to what place freaking zombies have in a fantasy novel but I laughed at them, too, because it just was that ridiculous.

To be honest, at that point all the hope I had left for the Eragon series went down the toilet, with a loud flush. Listening to the ever ongoing violence almost physically hurt my ears. However, the characters themselves ignored all their injuries surprisingly well.

I’d really like to know Jaime Lannister’s thoughts on this. Let’s not bother with that nor shed any tears, let’s have a wedding instead! And there the wedding preparations began, everyone was happily running around, blissfully ignoring the heaps of corpses all around. Frodo Eragon has always been one of the dumbest characters I ever encountered but I usually could bear his dumbness by simply ignoring him and concentrating on something more interesting.

As nothing interesting at all happened in Brisingr this became a real problem and I had to realize that Eragon still is an idiotic, arrogant, self-important and self-righteous twat-waffle. How can he even begin to think he has the right to simply decide things feudrs people’s heads and keep secrets from them just because hebeing the bigheaded douche he is, thinks it’s for the better?

And we’re not talking about random strangers here, no, he’s doing that to family members, people who trust him and naively believe every word that comes out of his mouth. It just makes me angry. Obviously, the message being sent here is that being human just isn’t good enough! Other characters were more or less forgotten, until Paolini all of a sudden remembered them and threw them into the story like dusty chess pieces.

Orik didn’t even appear until the middle of the book and when he did, nothing of the old, grumpy, likeable dwarf was left. He got moved around the political chessboard, then disappeared again when he had served his purpose for the story.

Just like in Eldestendless chapters were ded on unnecessary, long-winded, tiring ramblings about jewelry, power structures, cooking and eating habits including the concept of being vegetarian which Eragon clearly never fully understoodplus completely redundant scenes that were explored in full length, but had no actual significance to the plot.


For instance, does anyone remember the long-drawn-out conversation between Arya and Eragon in the woods, when she suddenly created some strange grass ship and Eragon was all ” oh ” and ” ah ” about it? The goal clearly was to hide a nonexistent plot under a cover of lots of fancy words.

I well remember which scene caused my erayon. Roran and Katrina decided to marry, consequently a ceremony was held with Eragon solemnizing the marriage. Such a ceremony naturally includes some kind of speech and vows. A somewhat brief description of Eragon’s speech and the couple’s vows.

A fully written out wedding speech right down to the last detail – three times in a row! Because, of course, Roran had to repeat each and every sentence as his vow, and Katrina had to do the same once more. Way to gain a few pages! Not only was the writing verbose, it as well was downright ridiculous.

What’s up with all those ” silent smiles ” going on? Last time I checked smiling didn’t make any noise, so why the frack are you pointing it out over and over feeuers. Also, this book and dws similes, I can’t even. If you think Shatter Weihseit is filled with lots of stupid similes and metaphors, you should definitely check out the Eragon series. Puts everything into perspective.

By the stars, her tears appeared like rivers of silvered eragno. A verbal monolith of ambivalence????? There were no major twists and turns, not even the one I was secretly hoping for Anyway, I will finish this series! I kind of see it as a challenge now. One could say I will go down with this ship, drowning in a sea of utter boredom, engulfed by waves of regret and fatigue. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Die Weisheit des Feuers.

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