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Now build the ROM file bin or hex.

For instance in a 8k plus a 4kor in a 16k from which only 12k will be used. The differences between a ROM A and 271288 and are: By placing the in the IC socket in such a way that pin 14 of the will match with pin 12 of the IC socket Z33, we accomplish that most part of the pins will be connected to the right signal.


From the differences and similarities between the ICs one can epom that the ROM IC socket on the motherboard will changes get a other function only at two places, pins 18 and Moreover the four extra epeom 1, 2, 27 and 28 of the must be provide with the right signals. Preparation of the So just connect these pins 1, 28, 27 and 26 with each other.

Attach a piece of wire to pin 2 of the to connect it later on to A12 on the motherboard.

Preparation of the This is basically the same as the except that pin 26 has to be bent out at forehand as it will 27182 the signal of A13 later on. So attach a piece of wire to it first.

Pin 14 of the should be placed at pin 12 of the IC socket. This metal covered hole A12 is connected with Z51 pin 10 A12 at the components side.


Confirm that in jumper X3 the following connections exist: Also make sure that the connection 16 to 1 is broken. For installation of a EPROM follow the same instructions as above point and epdom change the following too: Pin 26 of the must connect to A So before hand bent out pin 26, and connect it by means of a piece of wire to Z35 pin 3 A Pin 2 of the must be connected with A12 likewise as was done to the At X3 now connect 1 to There is no guarantee that the hardware project will work.

This are roughly translated parts of larger articles published in Remarks.