Early colon cancer: findings on double contrast barium enema Enema baritado é usado para a avaliação dos pacientes com o diagnóstico. Avaliar a. Para um exame completo do cólon, tanto o enema baritado como a colonoscopia podem ser realizados. A colonoscopia é mais eficaz que o enema baritado na. O enema opaco, apesar de atualmente apresentar indicações restritas, continua útil na propedêutica radiológica do cólon. A perfuração colorretal é a mais.

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Incomplete rectal perforation after barium enema: The barium enema, although present indications are currently restricted, is still useful on radiological workup in the colon. Colorectal perforation is the most serious complication of barium enema, occurring at 0.

We report the case of male patient, 40 years, two months ago had intense anal pain and bleeding during performing of barium enema for etiologic investigation of constipation, with spontaneous improvement after a month. On examination, there was cutaneus and submucosal infiltration of the anus and extraperitoneal rectum by barium sulfate, without perforation.


The enema brought by the patient and the radiography of the pelvis after two months of the examination showed incomplete rectal perforation by barium sulfate. Performed clinical observation and surgical intervention only if arises complication.

Currently, patient remains asymptomatic for 15 months. Perforation, enema, complications, therapeutics, observation. O tratamento inicial consiste em: Os abscessos anorretais devem ser drenados.

Métodos de detección para el cáncer colorrectal

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Intussusception in children: imaging evaluation and therapeutic approach

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