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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. FT Government Securities r tnd cigarettes also appeared Index rising 0. Bryant pleads nut ‘.

Howell hosted a dinner in Canadian dollar recovered to Back and Page 14 – on employment investment. Pace 22 faldheim, the UN Secretary. The oro arrests move is expected to intensify the aiian police. It failed to explode. Page v ion with an alleged murder plot, CC d Epsom and Ewell are. Gs-922, will pro- 1 wor J e compared with big U.

Board director with responsi- Howcver both Eastern and the supply 55 engines worth SI40ci. Frank Borman, the air- is. Aerospace few mechanical problems and Gorrespondent.

The Board was splir three to two over Lonrhu’s offer, with Sir Hugh — who last year faced sharp criticism from the City and in- stitutional investors over the sale of his 24 per cent, stake in SUITS to Loorho — supported by Mr. Rowland, who became chairman of SUITS with the pur- hc told members of the central business and investment com- mittee.

Haslam says that fuel economy In order to months ago. Lonrho said it would that there are now 95 firm orders and Lockheed TriStars.


Allegheny and Pacific South huc ” 3 Ur ” c1 dld for the A ennbao 44 options. Eastern first expressed interest agencies. James Callaghan is expected peeled to command the support face of ‘. Roy Jenkins, movements ‘around tin. Herr munity currencies, and for Western leaders planned for tnc Helmut Schmidt.

There are strong presures on markets. Jenkins appears to have the Nine to enter the Bonn He is likely lo be strongly sup- in mind a scheme, already meeting united behind a com- ported bv President Valery examined in various forms in men position.

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Technical and Managerial Staffs. Sb-922 are offering them higher productivity, but they are turning it down, be- cause they refuse to enter talks on planning agreements with the unions as part of the industrial strategy. Charterhouse Japhet said last night there had been no Board- room row.

Times newspapers and a string.

Product Catalog – China – Enbao Electronic Co.,Ltd

Sir Hugh Fraser and Lonrho. SUITS will apply to have Us Last year the group’s previous shares restored to the Stuck merchant bankers, Robert Hbcchunge gs-922 before dealings Fleming, resigned in protest at begin lo-day. It had advised against – —. Sir Hugh and five other busi- I nn ini i.

The dispute is believed to be craftsmen. Mini miraeJe in its revival Men ud M auers Money Market Property Radas Avenue Marceau Paris And the most influential of the bureaucracies is the Mi nisi rv or Finance — an administration v. The decision of President Giscard d’Estaing and M.


Yet it is aJso very limited because the intention is quite clearly not lo create ministries significantly less influential than the old Finance Ministry. The key is M. The Prime Minister has made it clear that he remains the overall economic supremo, and- the President has repeated that the economic recovery programme remains a priority.

Rend Monory, who goes to Economy, is a -burly year-old who joined the Government a year ago as Industry Minister.

Agricultural machinery business, he learned the small print of fiscal affairs at the Senate Finance Commission. It was assumed at teh time that this unknown who possessed solid good sense and a marked lack of enthusiasm for government schemes Of large-scale sectoral restructuring’ had been brought in to reassure employers — parti- cularly small businessmen and the self-employed. Monory carried out this mandate briskly.

While the grandiose schemes of industrial engineering’ remained by and large in his pending tray, small businessmen and tradesmen benafitted from a range of improved fiscal, pension and! Cabinet colzfS dfaection than industry would beau a Gauflirt M; hi.

Maurice Papon has been took over the chtrirmahshii -them SJgi 5? Up to toe ance Commission— with -: Proposed sanctions would include limits on the amount. Commission officials suggest it is able to do this partly because of the virtual monopoly it enjoys in bilateral trade with the EEC. By insisting that most Soviet- EEC trade be allocated to Soviet ships, the USSR has captured 95 per cent, of the shipping and hence is under no pressure to keep its rates low in Europe.

State – trading Communist!

Between Northern Europe and the West coast of South America, they account for Snout 25 per cent, of traffic, 20 per cent, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean, 20 per cent, of Europe-East Africa trade, and 12 per cent between Japan and the U.

West Coast Though these percentages are far lower than in bilateral EEC- Soviet trade, the volumes carried are much higher. Mindful of the Community’s chronically under-utilised cargo liners and idle shipyards, the Commission has proposed setting up co-ordinated Community monitoring procedures to follow the activities of liner operators. Should these operators be found to be operat- ing on non-competitive terms, the Council of Minis ters would be able to take counter action, sucb as limiting cargo quantities loaded or unloaded in EEC ports.

Although several member states already have individual legislation providing for such action, toe Commission feels action at Co mmuni ty level -is needed to overcome competition between different EEC ports which the USSR has, up till now, been able to exploit The proposals will go before the Council of Transport Minis- ters on JuneChristopher Tugendbat, the Com- missioner responsible for finan- cial institutions, said in London yesterday.

He was speaking at a U. These, be admitted, were not covered by toe banking co-ordina- tion directive that the EEC Council of Ministers passed last December. Its fast If s smooth. It was confirmed here that France now has olmost double its original contingent of military advisers, who were sent to Chad under a bilateral defence pact.

The agreement was made between Gen. The Defence Ministry here denied France had any combat troops in Chad, following a Press report this morning which claimed that the equivalent of a battalion of French troops was now deployed there.


Malloum and one of the rebel leaders. Prolonged fighting in northern Chad appears to have given rebel forces control of the region around Faya-Largeau, a strategic air base. In January, Frolinat forces claimed to have shot down a transport aircraft, killing three French air force personnel. Tehir capture came a year after the release of Madame Francoise Claustre, a French archeologist who was held by Frolinat for 33 months.

Some extra personnel, mostly paratroopers, have how- ever, been sent out to help the increasingly vulnerable govern- ment forces.

Enbao : sg 922 eb – 9h

French weapons and aircraft. President Malloum was re- ported to be in toe Sudanese capital Khartoum snbao for fur- ther discussions on peace efforts.

Dutch workers engaged in negotiations fo ra wage con- tract have still not settled after more than four mouths of talks. The groups which have not yet reached agreement include Provisional aereement on a contract for In a strong criticism of some of the unions, top largest emolovers’ federationJ the VNO. Negotiations have gone much more smoothly- with the construction, foodstuffs; trans- port and service industry unions, it said.

The statement followed talks with Sig. Ghilio Andreotti, toe Italian Prime Minister. Greece Is currently hoping to obtain full EEC membership by But while Italy at present feels that enlargement could help reduce substantially the Im- balances in respect of the northern block of EEC member states, it. Bettino Craxi, as party secretary, Reuter reports from Rome.

Craxi has supported moves to brin gthe Community Party into a new emergency government and to share responsibility for un- popular austerity policies, but has criticised toe Communists for failing to reject the policies of their comrades in Eastern Europe.

Bombings in Rome At least five bombs exploded in Rome early yesterday, -damaging a city centre branch of toe Bank of Italy and a suburban car show- room, Reuter reports. Other bombs blasted apart three parked cars. Their British employees will be similarly affected. Britain will have re- ciprocal rights regarding Norwegians operating or working in the British sector. Portuguese strike Portuguese civil servants struck for the second time in a month yesterday over pay grievances but called off threatened demonstra- tions outside Parliament during a budget debate, Reuter reports from Lisbon.

A spokesman for 23 civil service unions, represent- ingworkers, said the demonstration had been cancelled because of an official ban and to avoid clashes with police.

Brezhnev tour Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev, who has toured Siberia by train for toe past ten days, arrived uvj the Far Eastern port of Vladivos- tok yesterday, according to agency reports from Moscow. The restriction of credit in: Minister, given first priority and- -tost. ProL- Enrique- Fuentes Quintana, daring this present transition had resigned. But he did not period, consensus policies must say why he had found it neces- be continued.

The Left claims that Socialists, has started to criti cise th e Government is backing down the Government more strongly, on some points like taxation.