View and Download Elmo P30 instruction manual online. Elmo P User Guide. P30 Digital Presenters pdf manual download. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. image from the P30 can be used interactively (e.g. via a SMART Elmo P30 has a 15x Optical Zoom. Manual focus is accessed via the Remote Control.

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Press Display On to turn on the projector and lower the screen. Press Display Off and then confirm action on touch screen by tapping Power Down icon to turn off the projector and raise the screen. Failure to confirm will cancel the action.

Press the MUTE button to silence audio. Press again to return to normal.

Elmo P30 Instruction Manual

Turn the knob to the right to increase volume. Turn it to the left to decrease volume. Press one of the following buttons to project that device. After pressing button, tap one of the icons on the touch screen to select proper cable.

See next page for explanation of touch screen.

The home screen displays the classroom location and Mahual State logo. Tapping the home screen has the same affect as pressing the Display On button. It will lower the screen and turn on the projector. After pressing the Laptop button, the touch screen will change to give two input cable options.

Tap the icon of the cable connected to the laptop. Any mobile device that accepts an HDMI type cable may be plugged in to the projection system.


Tap the appropriate icon to project on the screen. Adapters may be available in the classroom for Apple products. Tap the Pic Mute icon to temporarily dim the projector bulb and raise the screen the projector does not turn off. Tap the icon again to return to normal. This icon appears on every screen of the device selected for projection. Maual – Turns on the projector and lowers the screen Warning: Green lights to the left of knob will light up as volume increases.


The light illuminates red. Press again mabual turn off this feature. This does not decode closed captioned media on the computer. The RCA audio output of the s-video device must be plugged into the RCA port on the hideaway if audio output is needed. Turn the locking mechanism to the right to unlock the drawer and use the handle to pull out the drawer.

The entire Elmo manual is available at: Reverse action to put in resting position. Page numbers in legend refer to Elmo manual. Each of these players functions basically the same, and are no different than a consumer model you may have at home. Each unit has a remote control located in the teacher station drawer. Laptop Computer Video Port. Connect the VGA Cable into a similar looking port on your laptop.

Laptop Computer Audio Port. Plug the mini audio jack into headphone port on your laptop. You can also plug an I-Pod or MP3 player into this port. Select Laptop on the control panel and tap mmanual VGA cabke icon on the touch screen to hear the audio.

Many newer computer, audiovisual, and mobile devices use this type of interface to transmit audio and video data to displays such as projectors and televisions. Wired Internet Connection for Laptop Computer. Connect the internet cable to the similar looking port on your laptop computer. Notice in the pictures below that one type of hideaway has more capabilities, but each essentially provide the same basic functions. Laptop Computer Video Port 3. Laptop Computer Audio Port 1. Wired Internet Connection for Laptop Computer 6.

ELMO Software Download

Connect one end of VGA Cable into this port and the other end into a similar looking port on your laptop. Press ON to lower screen and power emo projector. Plug one end of mini audio jack into this port and the other end into a similar looking port on your laptop.


Select Laptop on control panel to hear the audio. Use the volume knob on the control panel to adjust the audio level. Connect one end of your internet cable to this port and the other to a similar looking port on your ellmo computer. Connect one end of your S-Video cable to your camera or external video device and the other maanual to the S-Video port on the hideaway. Connect the yellow video wire to the yellow port, the white left channel audio wire slmo the white port, and the red right channel audio wire to the red port.

The following troubleshooting guide may help to solve the problem. Further assistance, including a personal tutorial session, may be arranged by contacting Bob Trybalski, Coordinator, Instructional Technology Support Services at or rtrybalski columbiastate. None of the equipment is working! It msnual a black box mounted on the countertop.

Press the button on the control panel that corresponds with the device you are using. Check to see if the projector is turned on and the correct input source PC is selected on the control panel.

On some models, the power switch is located in the rear of the document camera near the power cord. Nanual to see if the upper lamps are turned on. Also, you may need to adjust the iris. Check to see if the base lamp is turned on and try adjusting the iris.

Try turning off the base lamp or the upper lamp and adjusting the iris. Try pressing auto-focus or manually adjusting the focus. Contact Media Services for new batteries. Have you tried another tape?

Contact Instructional Technology Support Services for new batteries. Have you tried another disc? It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.