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Sixto Paz Wells LimaPeruDecember 12 is an author and lecturer focused on the UFO phenomena, particularly alien contactfrom a spiritual viewpoint. In his works about UFOlogy he promotes a systematic method of physical and mental preparation for contact, as well as protocols for documenting, validating and confirming contact experiences.

He coursed primary and secondary studies with the Marist Brothersculminating his studies in the first place in the Order of Merits. Sixto Paz, 19 at that time, invites the Spanish journalist J.

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Benitez to a programmed sighting of an unidentified flying object in the Chilca desert on September 7, He then pursued university studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peruin the faculty of History.

He is married to Marina Torres since and have two daughters: On January sxto, he attended a conference titled “Telepathy as a transmission of distance thought”, given by a physician member of the Theosophical Society. The message supposedly was from a being named Oxalc from Ganymede, with the intention of establishing communication with some earthlings. Sixto Paz was interested in communicating with aliens astrally, in dreams or telepathically, and not only physically with their ships, which was the traditional approach of IPRI ufologists.


Similar experiences were happening until Augustwhen the agency Efe spread the news that involved the Paz Wells family:. Following the note from Efe, journalist J. Through IPRI Paz Wells contacted the “International Society of Divine Realization” where he learned yogarelaxation, meditation and deep concentration techniques, which he would later encourage among the Rahma groups to facilitate contact.

It was officially dissolved as an organization by its founder inalthough there are groups that are still working independently. It came to have a presence in several countries of Latin America and Spain, where it was reviewed as one of the eleven sects or groups that have the extraterrestrials as core of their doctrines.

Sixto Paz describes himself as a messenger of peace and hope, rather than a messenger of other worlds. Paz Wells travels around the world giving lectures about his take on the UFO phenomena.

In more than ten sixho he has summoned zixto of the international press to witness, record and photograph the sightings of lights and objects in the sky, which the author claims are directed or manned by extraterrestrial beings who maintain telepathic contact with him and other members of his contact groups. As a self proclaimed contacteePaz Wells has faced skepticism, even from the so called serious ufologists.

On March 31, Paz Wells was invited to the Spanish television program “La hora de la verdad”, in which he underwent a polygraph test.

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He has been criticized for umbrwl passing laz test on the question “Have you truly traveled in a spacecraft to another planet? However, Paz Wells did pass all other questions such as “Have you ever been under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug? He also says that he failed the question “Have you really traveled in a spacecraft to another planet? The Rahma Mission of which Paz Wells was the visible head until its dissolution in has been described by psychologists and philosophers as secrto UFO religion and a neo-religious group whose beliefs are very similar to those of Theosophy and nineteenth century’s Occultismwhile using the techniques from Spiritism.


Some of them have been translated into English, German, Italian and Portuguese. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.

Biografía – Sixto Paz Wells

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