El retrato de Rose Madder (Spanish Edition) [Stephen King] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rose Daniels flees her nightmare marriage . Era como si el cuadro la hubiera llamado, obligándola a detenerse. Y al leer la inscripción del dorso, «Rose Madder», supo que tenía que ser suyo, el adorno. El retrato de Rose Madder [Stephen King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Por fín Rose Daniel se ha decidido de abandonar su casa.

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Norman “Bates” Daniels is a lunatic cop with a foul mouth and a sick, evil mind, and for wife Rose, a life of fear and pain begins the night of ed honeymoon Unprepared, terrified and alone, after 14 long eel of living in hell, Rose finally flees for her life knowing f.

Unprepared, terrified and alone, after 14 long years of living in hell, Rose finally flees for her life knowing full well he will never stop searching. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Xe. Bettina Blanch Tyroller Translator. Por fin Rose Daniels se ha decidido: Indefensa ante su propio miedo, logra sin embargo llegar a otra ciudad y abrirse un modesto camino en lla.

Adorna su nuevo hogar de mujer libre un cuadro: El retrato de Rose Madder es una novela obsesiva, plena de simbolismo oscuro y amenazante, que contrasta con la cruda luz de la brutalidad real. HardcoverBestseller Oropages. Madser see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about El retrato de Rose Madderplease sign up. Nadder there any paranormal elements to this story?

Janet M Retraro, and it gets quite ridiculous. Thoughts on how great a movie this book would make? See all 4 questions about El retrato de Rose Madder…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Unprepared, terrified and alone, after 14 long years of living in hell, Rose finally flees for her life knowing f 3.

Rose Madder (novel) – Wikipedia

As always, enjoyed the tie-ins to other KING novels. View all 22 comments. For the bulk of the book, it’s an interesting story of an abused woman escaping her sadistic and tormenting husband.

The main character is a sympathetic lead who doesn’t indulge in melodrama or denial, but comes across realistically retraro when she escapes into a town and group that accepts her for who she is and fe what she’s escaping.

The side characters were as well-written, including the lead of the women’s group who, while being noble, isn’t black and white noble. Rose Madder rosf a tough book to put down and I maddef get the griping I’d heard about it The painting and other world stuff threw me. I had a discussion with a friend about this and we both felt the story didn’t need any of it. He could have just written a thriller with a man chasing his escaped wife and it would have been great; when he introduces the fantasy stuff that was hard to comprehend, the story loses focus and even warrants a little skimming.


Unlike some of King’s other tomes, the length and pacing are suitable to the story content. The ending has a weird and bitter twist which fit well, even again that I didn’t full get it.

The author doesn’t shy away from actual vicious abuse, giving his main villain a biting tendency. I would have liked to see more of the details of the shelter, but I liked the women getrato worked together and had friendships.

It was convincing and thoughtful. I just met crazy rivaling that of Annie Wilkes. Turns out this book was better than I had anticipated. The painting did not necessarily overwhelm the narrative. It added a dim I just met crazy rivaling that of Annie Wilkes. It added a dimension. Some have said this book would have been better as a straight-out thriller, eo the supernatural element removed.

By doing this King maddee the story full circle, using that wacky and wonderful imagination no less. Granted, this book is not for everyone. Even some King fans will cringe at the violence and sexual innuendos many of which are not innuendos at all. Norman falls down the stairs.

Recommend for King fans because none should be missed. View all 8 comments. Now I remember why Maddder didn’t like this the first time I read it. It wears out its welcome a good 60 pages before the end. We get our denouement, and then we’re made to wade through a goodly chunk of book before we can call it done. Still, Rose Madder is okay.

El Retrato De Rose Madder Por Stephen King | eBay

I think what keeps this book pretty middle of the road for me is Norman Daniels, our cliched villain. King has three types of male antagonists: Norman Daniels suffers from the former and the latte Now I remember why I didn’t like this the first time I read it.

Norman Daniels suffers from the former and the latter while having also been molested as a child. I’m not a huge fan of the whole molested-people-turn-into-monsters storyline.

I know it happens, that the cycle can continue not all the time, but it does happenI just don’t like reading about it. I would much rather read about someone overcoming their past instead of becoming it.

I like to see damaged children rstrato the odds. Retrao me an optimist in that regard. Things this book does well are as follows: Yeah, I dug all that. And if you dig King, I think you will too. Expect spoilers for several King books if you click on View Spoiler. Any of you that read my Decade with King posts will know that I believe all of King’s books tie into one of three things: ItThe Tommyknockersor the Dark Tower series.


Well, all the glowing green shit in this book makes me think the Temple of the Bull might be somehow connected to the Great Old Ones from the Prim.

Perhaps the ce is where the Grays were worshipped gose upon a when? It does beg the question There are much better Stephen King books, there are much worse Stephen King rftrato.

If you read all his books in order from Carrie to as of writing this review Revivalyou should hit this one about the right time. In other words, I would place it smack dab in the middle, exactly where it lands in his career’s timeline. Not everything in this temple is bullshit.

El Retrato De Rose Madder Por Stephen King

View all 6 comments. This is definately my least favorite of the King books I’ve read so far.

I simultaniously loved and hated this book. There were no parts that I just liked Clearly since I gave it 3 stars I loved more parts then I hated. First the good stuff. As usual Kings take on a crazy person is always amazing and terrifying.

My first King book was Misery and I just love his crazy villians. I was actually getting a little bored with the book until Rosie found he This is definately my least favorite of the King books I’ve read so far. I was actually getting a little bored with the book until Rosie found her painting and the weird stuff, that makes me love King so much, started to happen. I was entranced during Rosies whole ‘adventure’ in the painting trying to find the baby. I wish a few things had been explained a little more but he kind of left me to make up my own mind which is always bittersweet anyways.

And, of course, I loved the Misery references in this book. It made me feel like I was part of a special group of people who were in the know. There was an aspect of this book that was so beyond reality and completely fake and phoney that I don’t think even King pulled it off. His name was Bill.

Rosie’s heart of gold, love at first sight, commitment loving boyfriend. I kept expecting this dewey-eyed chick-lit cliche to turn into a hard core dose of reality, which is usually Kings specialty. Something a little more Nora Roberts fans don’t even buy this guy. And I’m pretty sure I heard Nicholas Sparks call him a pussy.

Keep in mind that not all woman are waiting around for a white knight to rescue them on his valient retratk.