El Gesticulador (pieza para demagogos en tres actos) [Rodolfo Usigli, Rex Edward Ballinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rodolfo Usigli (Mexico D. F. ) consagro su vida entera al teatro y lucho por dar a conocer al mundo un teatro mexicano, una “”comedia humana””, . Abstract. In this article I consider Rodolfo Usigli’s El gesticulador using Brechtian theatrical theory to explain the Mexican author’s reference to clásico and the.

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El gesticulador embodies the “search for identity” so dw to literature of the Mexican Revolution. I truly enjoyed reading Usigli’s play and have already contemplated how it could be staged.

La universalidad de El gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli: Una lectura brechtiana

El gesticulador es una de las primeras tragedias hispanoamericanas. O adaptada al cine.

Feb 03, Taylor rated it really liked it. Views Read Edit View history. The metaphysics of the overpowering cruelty of the corruption reigning in a non historical Mexican time. Rita Montes rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Trivia About El gesticulador.

Alexis rated it really liked it Nov 16, Soulecito rated it it was amazing Dec 03, El gesticulador by Rodolfo Usigli. I also enjoyed the diction: There is the poor professor whose name is Cesar Rubio and the hero who died in the war. Feb 03, Sophia K-l rated it really liked it.

Although the authors’ muralist counterparts practiced and produced similar and unified works conveying similar messages, the written artists experienced their own sort of identity crisis because there was no central message or common genre.

This work therefore expresses those feelings in the form of a theatrical play lead by Rubio. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. One thing that stuck out to me was how Usigli addressed the idea of the Mexican “mask.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I enjoyed reading El gesticulador more than I thought I would. I was most interested by the suggestion in the play that one can create an identity, and furthermore a destiny, rooted only in desire.

El gesticulador by Rodolfo Usigli

Retrieved from ” https: Elena allowed herself to be convinced that what started as a lie in reality became a harmless opportunity for an unlucky man to take hold of his potential. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feb 03, Mary Frantz rated it liked it. To ask other readers questions about El gesticuladorplease sign up. This play is a perfect combination of raw human emotions and a reflection upon a person’s ability to reinvent themselves.

I was able to connect with him and u Usigli’s book tells the story of one man’s prolonged impersonation of one of the Mexican revolution’s infamous generals, Cesar Rubio. My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line take away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution. First, the idealistic martyr who dies early in the war, the professor who inherits and tries to keep alive the revolution’s legacy but fails, and then the politician who tries to evoke the ideals of the hero but is killed by the strongman and only ends up perpetrating the violence.

“Analisis Literario de el Gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli” by Luz Maria Alvarez

Quotes from El gesticulador. To me, Usigli uses his characters as symbols of the Mexican Revolution.

I read this play for Spanish lit class when I was in college. Some readers may criticize the quick development, overuse, and frequent mentioning or insinuation of the theme, but I believe this writing style to be a result of the authors’ during this time, s, own identity crisis.

Want testiculador Read saving….

Jb Arteaga rated it liked it Jun 16, I liked the author’s decision to break gestkculador play into three parts, each at time intervals four weeks apart, because it allowed for the reader to understand the progression of Cesar’s new role over a span of time. Only Miguel clings to a traditional concept of the truth. Not from audiences who loved it but from politicians who probably saw too much of themselves in it and hired writers to publish scathing reviews.


Published January 1st by Ediciones Catedra S. Usigli offers a very harsh critique of the Mexican government as well as the Mexican revolution, painting a picture of a movement steeped in corruption, lies and manipulation all for personal benefit and gain. Matthew Leonard rated it really liked it Sep 22, Yo soy major que muchos de ellos.

But for me, Usigli usiyli critiquing this way of “finding oneself” suggesting that identity cannot be rooted only in desire, deception, and falsities.

El gesticulador

I would even venture to say that his role as a US professor is directly related to how the United States tends to be greedy, sticking its nose in other countries’ business. Return to Book Page. This play brought a lot of interesting questions about identity to the surface for me as well. Although I enjoyed reading the book, I do not think that I would choose to read it again; however, that being said, I think it presents the revolution from an interesting perspective of identity and one’s possession of one’s self versus one’s nation.

Este libro fue interesante, pero no is perfecto.