View and Download Eaton installation and operation manual online. 20/30 kva. UPS pdf manual download. CAUTION: REFER TO OPERATOR’S MANUAL – Refer to your operator’s manual for . Figure 1 shows the Eaton UPS UPS and an optional Extended. © Eaton Corporation. All Rights contained in this manual, but no liability can be accepted for any errors or omission. Figure 5 Powerware kVA and 40 kVA layout: 1:Graphical LCD; 2:XSlot-1; 3:XSlot-2; 4:Fans;. 5:Input.

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Greenlee is a registered trademark of Greenlee Textron. Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation. For copies of the EC Declaration of Conformity, contact: Special Symbols The following are examples of symbols used on the UPS or accessories to alert you to important information: With the Eaton UPS UPS, you can safely eliminate the effects of electrical line disturbances and guard the integrity of your systems and equipment. Online UPS design with pure sine wave output.

Eaton 9355 User Manual

The UPS filters and regulates incoming AC power and provides consistent power to your equipment without draining the battery. Proper disposal of batteries is required. Refer to your local codes for disposal requirements. Never dispose of batteries in a fire. Batteries may explode when exposed to flame.

Ne jamais jeter les batteries 955 feu. L’exposition aux flammes risque de les faire exploser. Consulte las normas locales para conocer los requisitos pertinentes.

NOTE Check the battery recharge date on the packaging label. If the date has expired and the batteries were never recharged, do not use the UPS.


Contact your service representative. To remove a three-high cabinet or a two-high EBM from the shipping pallet: Remove the two M10 bolts securing the stabilizing bracket to the pallet see Figure 2. M10 Bolts Figure 2. Press manusl release the handle latch at the bottom of the cover and then lift the cover up and off the cabinet. Remove the three M10 bolts securing the rear shipping pad to the pallet and remove the shipping pad.


Reinstall the front cover removed in Step 3. Hang the top edge of the cover on the cabinet first, then lower the bottom edge and snap into place. With the cabinet supported, slowly pull the pallet away from the cabinet see Figure 5.


Removing the Pallet 9. Roll the cabinet to the desired location. M4 Screws M10 Bolt Figure 6. Removing the Vertical Bracket 3. M4 Screws Figure 7. Reinstalling the M4 Screws Rev D www. If needed, adjust the leveling feet to release the bracket. If needed, adjust the leveling feet so that the cabinet rolls freely.

Unloading the Cabinet Rev D www. Select one of the following installation options according to your UPS configuration: Switch off utility power to the distribution point eatin the UPS will be connected.

935 Punch two holes in the conduit landing plate for the input and output conduit using a Greenlee punch or similar device. Proceed to Step NOTE Input neutral must be wired for proper operation. Failure to connect an input neutral will void the warranty. If the optional input transformer is installed, an mamual neutral is not required. For UPS installations with an input isolation transformer, replace the transformer wiring access cover.

MBB maintenance bypass switch. NOTE The input isolation transformer cannot be used with the wall-mounted bypass switch. Determine your equipment’s grounding requirements according to your local electrical code.

Remove the bypass cabinet front cover see Figure Remove the internal cover to gain access to the breakers see Figure Internal Etaon Figure Version 1 Internal Cover Rev D www. Verify that the bypass breaker is in the OFF position see Figure Mount the bypass cabinet to the wall and install the conduit.

Version 1 Bypass Breaker Rev D www. Hardwire the output terminations from the UPS to the bypass cabinet see Figure Replace the UPS wiring access cover and conduit landing plate.

Version 1 Load Connections Rev D www. Verify the bypass input. Reinstall the internal cover. Reinstall the bypass cabinet front cover. Unfasten the bypass cabinet front door latch and swing eatpn door open see Figure Follow the instructions on the inside of the door to open or remove the front cover see Figure 28 and Figure NOTE The maintenance bypass contacts are normally-open. Verify the phase rotation for each UPS and the bypass input.

M4 Screws Figure Repeat for each additional EBM. Front Ground Strap Figure Eafon the Front Covers 2. With wire cutters, cut either side of the tab and twist down to manal the tab see Figure Removing Knockout Tabs Rev D www. In addition, the LanSafe Power Management Software can be installed and used to communicate with the UPS via one of the serial communication connections.


Figure 53 shows an RMP. Figure 54 shows the enclosure dimensions and cable exit openings. Remote Monitor Panel Rev D www. NOTE Conduit and wiring supplied by the customer. IRC still does not operate correctly, replace the fuse.

If this does not correct the problem, contact your service representative for verification that the IRC is working correctly.

It also gives you a complete record of critical power events, and it notifies you of eatin UPS manua power information. Normally Open Figure A relay or other mechanical eqton is preferred.

UPS when the emergency power-off function is activated. NOTE See Figure 57 on page 76 for the polarity and verify these connections if polarity control is required.

The default and programmable settings for the signal inputs are shown in Table 7. If active, the UPS knows that input is fed from the generator. Bypass is disabled; the automatic battery test is disabled. External Transformer This option is not used. Overtemperature Rev D www.

It provides useful information about the UPS itself, load status, events, measurements, and settings see Figure Display Functions As the default or after 15 minutes of inactivity, the LCD displays the selectable startup screen.

The default is the Eaton logo and can be changed to the Mimic screen in the User Settings menu. The backlit LCD automatically dims after a long period of inactivity. Press any button to restore the screen. Service Settings This screen is password-protected. Initial Startup Startup and operational checks must be performed by an authorized Eaton Customer Service Engineer, or the warranty terms as specified on page become void. This service is offered as part of the sales contract for the UPS.

Contact service in advance usually a two-week notice is required to reserve a preferred startup date. The UPS is now powering the load. If the indicator is flashing, check the UPS status from the front panel to view the active alarms.

Correct the alarms and restart if necessary. Press and hold the button for three seconds, until the UPS stops beeping. The UPS starts in Battery mode within two minutes and supplies battery power to your equipment.