Dux is Latin for “leader and later for duke and its variant forms (doge, duce, etc.). During the . King Arthur, in one of his earliest literary appearances, is described as dux bellorum (“dux of battles”) among the kings of the Romano-Britons in. Dux Bellorum: Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD (Osprey Wargames) [ Daniel Mersey, José Daniel Cabrera Peña] on *FREE* shipping on . Some of you may have already seen or even written a review on the new rules Dux Bellorum, by Dan Mersey. I’ve been meaning to write up.

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Vux for whriteup of my blog: I already own stacks of 25mm later Dark Age figures, if, if! I do it’ll have to the the mighty 15’s I’m afraid!!! Of cours should I have known you already had a bunch of 28mm Dark age minis: Have a nice weekend best regards Michael.

Sadly I’ve not used them for around 6 years, I really do need to get them out!!! Simple, ,quick, and mated to way I want to play a game is the rule set I use. Sounds like you have found your mate, Sir. Nice one Ray, I have seen them on Amazon and was tempted before.

Slightly more so now. I have the rules and I do xux them! The Arthurian period is my big project for next year albeit in 28mm.

I’ve already collected most of the stuff I need from Bill at Musketeer and am waiting for him to ddux off the rest of his Romano British dkx then I’ll start. What I like about the rules is they are geared towards linear combat and not skirmish which is my preference. I’m going to agree that you should step up to a manly scale and go 28mm with these Ray. The plastics out there right now for this period are great and if vux are buying minis anyway you should give it a try.

Who makes these please? Thanks for the write up Ray, I have just bellodum Dux Britanniarum, and was going to order bellogum set. It looks like there can be some overlap with SAGA, so with some clever basing, I might be able to play all 3 with the same groups of figures.

I stole the idea in the Dux Bellorum rulebook for sabot bases with round holes in them to turn the Saga based figures into units Warbases in the UK cut them to my specs.

Battle reports from all 3 systems using this method are on my blog.

Good review Ray, im with you on this one, the Warlord books are great, and Dux Bellorum is a great looking game. Ive read it through a few times and i have the feeling it will play well. Im resisting for now though Dus know what you mean, 25’s always look superb, but 15’s belporum affordable for me!! Nice review is this ruleset designed with a scale in mind or is it scaleable? Any scale can be used as it’s based measurements are done in base widths.


merseybooks: Dux Bellorum: Arthurian starter armies

Sorry, what I mean to say is any scale can be used as measurements are done using base width. As you can see my dyslexia gets the better of me at times. I know what am saying, but it often comes out something altogether different when I write. You should see how many times I have to correct my blog after I’ve posted!: I have had a good look at these too, but im worried about all the customs carry on, they do look nice though.

Looking forward to following this, I plan to make my next army 6mm Austrian but you never know Ian. I also read them through the summer and now I’m looking to test both Duxes Bellorum and Britanniarium recently published.

A couple of suggestions: Gotta agree both GB and Musketeer are awesome figures, and I will check out the forum, thanks! A very interesting rulebook, easy to play. Looking forward to see your project and your very good AARs. Always good to bellorum a part of breaking someone’s will to resist new be,lorum Since I’ve never really even read a rule book well, I’m a bit lost, but it does seem fun.

I picked the rules last week and really like the look of them.

dux bellorum – Wiktionary

Just going to use the Roman and Celt lists in the book. The figures are based for DBA but as the rules themselves say, this won’t be a problem. I like the Leadership Points aspect as well as building strategies into the army as well. None of them appear game breaking. Can’t see why you can’t use the 2 armies, let me know how the game goes. You know I don’t game Ray, so I’ll just say this. It’s good to have you back on the blogosphere, we missed you!

Thanks for this, Ray. I’ve been interested in picking up a copy and I think I’ll give it a go. I look forward to you trying the rules out in a playtest. Your favourite period and a set of good rules, hmmmm I reckon it’s only a matter of time.

Alas, your bank account will weep! Bellourm a good start mate!

dux bellorum

Ray, I agree about the avoidance of competitive games, they tend to spoil the flavour of a game and yeah, they can indeed leave you with a banging headache and a belligerent red mist descending before your very eyes LOL.

I’m going to have to order myself a set of the rules as you can play then in any size units from many rule systems which is very appealing. I’m thinking of impetus size bases but using 3 bases of 40mm frontage and mm depth. Sounds tempting- though I haven’t yet had a chance to give Saga a once around the block: Thanks for the review and they sound a very interesting set of rules there. Thanks for sharing, they seem to tick all the right boxes for a set of rules.


Thanks Ray, inspiring review.

I’ve always liked the post Roman to Hastings period. So far the best rules I’ve come accross were free in Practical Wargamer Magazine. Will these rules work with individual basing or are they more traditionally based?

You can use individual bases but they’d need to be on a larger base as well. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for how to increase twitter followers Also visit my blog: Some of you may have already seen or even written a review on the new rules Dux Bellorum, by Dan Mersey. I’ve been meaning to write up mine for some time now, but school holidays and life just got in the way, so its a bit later than I fux really have liked to but here goes anyway. As I previously said you may have seen other reviews, so I won’t warble on too much about the technical side of the rules and Udx keep my review quite simple.

Also a top notch interview with Dan himself in the recent issue of Wargames Illustrated, so check them both out if you can. Its always difficult with new rules and their pricing. This has always been one of my favourite period’s and I’ve never even played it before?? Dan set out some ground rules as he developed the game, which fit in perfectly with my idea of a great game. Like I said I won’t go into the technical side of the rules, but after reading them several times, I’ve found myself trawling the internet for some 15mm Romano-British figures on far too many occasions.

I’ve resisted up until now, but I’m not sure how long I can hold Posted by Ray Rousell at Dux Bellorumreviewrules. Sgt Steiner 6 September at Ray Rousell 6 September at Dalauppror 6 September at Dalauppror 8 September at Ray Rousell 8 September at Jay 6 September at Paul of the Man Cave 6 September at Paul 6 September at Clint 6 September at Christopher aka Axebreaker 6 September at Kris Marquardt 6 September at John de Terre Neuve 6 September at Anonymous 7 September at Brummie 6 September at Jonathan 6 September at Emilio 6 September at Ian 6 September at Anibal Invictus 6 September at Phil 6 September at John Lambshead 6 September at D4 6 September at