proposing policy drafts to negotiation between two leaders, the .. Furthermore, the various types of RUUK DIY could be categorized into 3. YOGYAKARTA – Academic script and Yogyakarta’s Specialty draft law Those emerged in aspiration gathering of RUUK DIY (Yogyakarta’s. Analisa Konsepsional Urgensi RUU Kamnas dalam Dinamika Ancaman Ketahanan dan Pertahanan di Indonesiamore. by Tria Okta Putri Tuban Oku.

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In addition, the specialty of Yogyakarta does not only lie on the position of governor and vice governor, but rjuk in the aspect of land, finance, and culture.

Sunyoto Usman, said the discussion of the draft law is not just to respond to the past or answer the present context, but also to address challenges faced by Yogyakarta and Indonesia in the future. Dky mentioned that currently the existing points of specialty have mostly been agreed as they had been discussed by the previous Parliament.


Drart, the position of governor and vice governor is still a matter of debate in the parliament and government.

Sudjito expressed his concern about the commitment of the members of the House dly the discussion of the draft law. He expected that members of the Commission II are able to absorb the aspirations of people and not only bring momentary political interests. Sudjito added, preparation and absorption of aspiration should be performed bottom-up by societynot top down from government.

Online threats of violence shut down 15 schools

On that occasion, Sudjito also assessed the draft law of Yogyakarta Specialty currently needs to be reviewed and improved since there are many unclear terminologies found.

One of them is the term ‘main governor’.

In many countries, this concept is not found. Meanwhile, political analyst Ari Dwipayana, M. Si, said that discussion of draft law of Yogyakarta Specialty is an important part of the discussion of Indonesian problems associated with asymmetric decentralization that has been done in Aceh and Papua.


Concepts of “Pararadya” and Main Governor Not in Accordance with Aspirations of Yogyakarta People

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