Ihde, Don, –. Listening and voice: phenomenologies of sound / Don Ihde. The first edition of Listening and Voice (), the manuscript for which was. Don Ihde is best known in the media and information science and research milieus for his work on the human body and technology. His first edition of Listening. University of Oregon. LISTENING AND VOICE, A PHENOMENOLOGY OF SOUND, by Don Ihde. Athens: Ohio University Press, , x + pp.,. $

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Part I Introduction 1.

In Praise of Sound 2. Under the Signs of Husserl and Heidegger 3. Part II Description 4. The Auditory Dimension 5.

Don Ihde, Listening And Voice: A Phenomenology Of Sound. – PhilPapers

The Shapes of Sound 6. The Auditory Field 7. The Polyphony of Experience Part IV Voice The Center of Language Music and Word Silence and Word The Face, Voice, fon Silence. Part V Phenomenologies A Phenomenology of Voice Part VI Acoustic Technologies Embodiment, Technologies, and Musics.


Don Ihde – Author Price: Available as a Google eBook for other eReaders and tablet devices. Available as a Kindle Edition. New and expanded edition of the now classic study in the phenomenology of sound. Ranging from the experience of sound through language, music, religion, and silence, clear examples and illustrations take the reader into the important and often overlooked role of the auditory in human life.

His work is central to any study of the interface between the human body and technology, and his reputation began with, and still includes, the first edition of this book.

He has been important to the field for thirty years and continues to contribute new insights. It is still the anc detailed phenomenology of listening and voice that we have.

Philosophy, up until Ihde, was obsessed with visual representation and visual metaphors. Ihde contrasts visual perception with aural experiments, mixing up the examples and talking about pop music and opera in the same analytical voice.


Listening And Voice: A Phenomenology Of Sound.

He is the author of many books, including Experimental Phenomenology: Embodiment, Technologies, and Musics Notes Index. You Have 0 Item s In Cart. Click on image to enlarge. Don Ihde – Author. Related Titles Eros and the Intoxications of Enlightenment.

Towards a Relational Ontology. Vioce in a Pluralistic Context. The Time of Life.

Time, Continuity, and Indeterminacy. The Grounding of Positive Philosophy. Dante from Two Perspectives: Studies in the Philosophy of J.