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Press the Network Scanning button. Loading Paper and Media Product Overview Your machine is not simply a conventional copier. It is a digital device capable of being used for copying, scanning and printing. If your needs change, your machine can be upgraded accordingly. You can access the file from your desktop for further processing or inclusion in your document.

This kit also includes Scan to E-mail, which allows you to send your scanned images to any mmanual E-mail address. The actual touch screen will vary depending on the pathway buttons selected and the options available on your machine.

The touch screen also displays important messages about the current condition of the machine, no matter what pathway has been selected. The touch screen goes out, and the Power Saver button on the control panel lights. To use the machine, press the Power Saver button. The Power Saver button goes out to indicate that the Power Saver feature is canceled. The factory default setting of 60 minutes is customer changeable within the range of 0 to minutes.

If there are any jobs in the queue, a second pop-up screen is displayed. To re-activate the machine when in this mode, touch a button on the touch screen or the Power Save button. This procedure separates any sheets of paper that are stuck together and reduces the possibility of paper jams. Press the Job Status button on the control panel to display the print queue.

Your job will be displayed in the queue. If there are no jobs in the queue your job may have already been processed. If there are no other jobs in the queue your job may have already been processed.

Network scanning is an optional feature and may not be available on your machine. The touch screen display brightness knob is located on the left side of the Control Panel. Rotate the knob as required to adjust the touch screen display brightness. Electrical Specifications North America Voltage: They also identify and explain the legal and safety regulations that apply to this machine. Safety Notes Your Xerox product and supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements.

These include safety agency approval, and compliance to established environmental standards. Please read the following instructions carefully before operating the docicolor and refer to them as needed to ensure the continued safe operation docucllor your product. This equipment is to be mqnual on a V, 20A branch circuit. If this machine needs to be moved to a different location, contact a Xerox service representative or your authorized local representative or service support organization.

Xerox installation procedure will ensure that the concentration levels meet safe limits. If you need additional information about ozone, please request the Xerox publication Ozone by calling in the United States and Canada. In other markets, please contact your authorized local dealer or Service Provider. Copyrighted material or trademarks of any manner or kind without the consent of the copyright or trademark owner. This product contains laser warning labels.


These labels are intended for use by Xerox Service Representatives and are placed on or near panels or shields that require special tools for removal. Do not remove any of the panels. There are no operator serviceable areas inside these covers.

Xerox product is part of the program. For more information about Xerox environmental programs, visit www. Contact your system administrator if none of the templates have been set 6.

Xerox DocuColor 240 Evaluator Manual

If you need to change the scan settings, follow the instructions provided in your optional Network Controller documentation. Touch the Start button on the Control Panel.

Select your machine from the Printer list. The default name of the printer is Xerox DocuColor but your System Administrator may have customized the name to help you locate the machine.

If you are unsure, ask your System Administrator. You can use the arrow buttons on the touch screen to change the X and Y dimension values for the paper you load. After you have changed your Paper Size information, touch the Save button.

For standard paper sizes, you will not need to change the Paper Size settings. However, you will need to specify a Paper Size value if you load a non- standard paper size. The Paper Size screen allows you maanual specify the size of the paper you load into the paper tray. The Auto Size Detect option allows standard sized paper loaded in the trays to be automatically detected by the machine. Dockcolor paper tray automatically detects the dimensions of standard sized paper.

However, you will need to specify a Paper Size value if you load a non-standard paper size. C button and enter the correct quantity. Press Start Once you have pressed Start, each document is scanned once.

Xerox DocuColor User Manual | 47 pages

A screen is displayed showing information about your copy job. So, for example, you can auto enlarge your document to fit a specific size of paper. When you have saved your selections, apply a light pressure to the spine of the document and press the Start button. Document Handler or the document glass. The two-sided option enables you to select docucolot output in book or calendar orientation. The 2 Sided Copying options can be accessed on the Basic Copying tab.

If this option is selected you must also select a specific paper tray.

Photo option allows you to further define your original 2240 as Halftone, Photograph, or Xerographic Copy. The Map setting can be used for making copies of documents that have text on colored backgrounds such as maps. Press the right arrow button to lighten the copy, for example, to copy more details from dark areas in the original or to suppress the lines from pasted or newspaper originals. The Auto Contrast setting sharpens the image by adjusting the brightness and hue of the original.

Once manuap have made an Image Quality Preset selection, touch the Save button. The lower contrast settings reproduce more detail in light and dark areas of the original while higher contrast settings produce more vivid blacks and whites for sharper text and lines but less detail in pictures.



Selecting the On button will cause the background of documents such as newspapers and colored paper documents to be erased.

The Gloss Level feature is accessed from the Image Quality tab. Selecting the Normal button enables the default settings for output quality. Selecting the Enhanced button will add a glossy touch to your output.

This option will cause a decrease in printing speed. These features are accessed by touching the Finishing button on the Booklet Creation screen. In addition to finishing, you can also include a Binding Shift, or create Subsets sub-dividing a large booklet into subsets on the Booklet Creation screen.

From this screen you can select the tray that contains the cover stock. Save all the selections you have made and the machine will be enabled to add covers to your copy job. Docucoolr can also select the Image Order and Original Orientation options on this screen. When you have made your selections you must select Save so that you can program any other features you may require from the control panel. Paper Tray Settings button. The system selects the highest priority tray for the separator stock.

Selecting the Paper Tray Settings button allows you to change the separator stock selection. Be sure to touch the Save button after you have made your enlargement selection. You can specify from 1 to 23 repeats along the short side Y and dpcucolor 1 2240 33 repeats along the long side X. You can access the Annotation feature by selecting the Output Format tab and the Annotation button.

The Annotation screen, shown above, allows you to access three separate options: You can select one of eight existing stamped messages to be printed on the first page or all pages of your copied sets. You can also change the position and appearance of the stamped message using the Position and Detailed Settings buttons. The printed date is the date that the copies are made.

You can also change the position and appearance of the date using the Docucolir and Size buttons. Position, Style, and Size buttons. You can access the Watermark feature by selecting the Output Format tab and the Watermark button.

The Watermark dicucolor, shown above, allows you to access four separate watermark options: Enabling the Serial Number option allows you to make copies with the machine’s Serial Number printed on each page.

This feature is useful if you want to track the copies coming from a certain machine. You can change the amount of shift required by using the Shift Value arrow keys on the touch screen. The Face Up Reverse Order button causes all output to be delivered face up, with the last page on the top of the output stack.

This setting may not be available, depending on how your system administrator configures the machine.