Download Citation on ResearchGate | Dobby shedding mechanism | The design, operation and development trends of dobby shedding mechanisms are. The cam shedding system has limitation in terms of number of healds that can be is to be controlled by the shedding mechanism Dobby system is preferred. Dobby is the mechanism which attached with the loom to control the movement heald shaft. Scope of Dobby Shedding Mechanism: When a pattern is beyond.

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What is Dobby Shedding in Weaving?

Dobby Shedding Mechanism?

In textile weaving industry, dobby is a shedding device which is placed on the top of a weaving loom in order to produce figure patterns by using a huge number of healds than the capacity of a tappet shedding. Dobby is a mechanism which is attached with a weaving loom to control the movements of heald shafts. Scope of Dobby Shedding in Textile: Types of Dobby Shedding in Textile Weaving: According to the position of dobby with loom: Vertical loom, Horizontal loom.

Single acting or single lift, Double acting or double lift.


According to driving of heald shaft: According to type of shed: Open shed, Bottom close shed, Semi-open shed. According to no jack lever: Mechanical dobby, Electric dobby.

Ordinary dobby, Special dobby. Dobby Shedding Mechanism Negative Dobby: As outside and inside jack lever joined with the timber lever and link, the lever moves up at the same time.

Hence, the heald shaft rose up. Similarly, when the left end of the feeler is lowered then the lower hook comes in contact with the lower knife. In this case, when connecting rod moves up and the bottom portion of T-lever mechaanism to the right side. As a result, bottom portion of S-lever dboby to the right and the same process occurs i.

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Here, jack levers are moved at the same time. Hence, the heald shaft again rose.

Thus a heald shaft is alternatively rose by the lower knife and upper knife. The shaft will therefore be lowered with the help of return spring and will remain down for the next pick.

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Dobby Shedding Mechanism? – TE

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