Dino Kraspedon is the author of My Contact with Flying Saucers ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review, published ), Contato com os Discos Voadores (4. Flying Saucer from Mars and My Contact with Flying Saucers: 2 Books in One: From the Golden Age of Flying Saucers. Dino Kraspedon. from: $ This web page shows detailed accounts of conversations that took place with sentient beings claiming to be from space and describes how ufo are powered.

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Pages upon pages of demonstrations, of proofs of a higher knowledge which touches on God, mass,energy, gravitation, the electron, gamma rays, light, astro-navigation This article about a Brazilian writer or poet is a stub. We could say the same for a great many others in all branches of knowledge where the flash of genius was accompanied by tremendous mistakes. WHEN we wrote this book we had not expected so rapid a confirmation of many of our affirmations.

However, we have preserved the essence of the replies, based on notes made at the time. We have disregarded them and not taken offence. Obviously when talking about science he should not only show he diino all the knowledge that we have, but he should also be able to present something more advanced, If he could not do so, this would prove him to be nothing more than an inhabitant of this planet. We are certain that if errors or omissions have crept into science it is not due to bad faith on the part of kraepedon scientists, who have dedicated their lives to the search for true knowledge.

Patricia Timmermann marked it as to-read Jun 08, Nor does this book intend to refute other works which have dealt with the question of flying saucers, and which describe different types and different principles from those shown by us.

He gave us answers about the creation of man, the resurrection of the body, the reason for human suffering, etc.

What he can never be forgiven is wilful wrongdoing and the abuse of knowledge endangering the life and most cherished aspirations of his less enlightened and intelligent fellow beings.

Counties like the U. A Professor of Roman Law at the Catholic university kfaspedon Santos said he had been in contact with the crew of a flying saucer, and his story is similar to ours, including details krapsedon the system of propulsion by the creation of a vacuum, which no one had mentioned before this book was published.

We gave an account of fragments of it, so as not to impose on our host, but our attempts to cut the story short merely aroused greater interest.


We krqspedon that even on one planet dinno are men of various types ranging from black to white, from pigmy to giant. Could it be that they found something more in it than light reading?

We are fully aware of the risks we run, if it turns out that we have been victims of a cruel deception, but we remain undaunted. Only once in a while would his interpretation of events be slightly at variance with our orthodox point of view.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of scientific skeptics Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Everything is forgivable in man within the concept of perfection iraspedon we hold. And now, four or five months later, he had come as romised. No trivia or quizzes yet. Aristotle’s philosophical theories blocked the path of human knowledge for several centuries, but he was honest with himself and his fellow beings.

Art marked it as to-read Oct 19, Newton thwarted progress in the field of optics for about a century merely because he drew a wrong conclusion, but nobody could blame him for it, or doubt his good faith. It was an amusing evening.

My Contact with Flying Saucers by Dino Kraspedon

The book was sent off in June and as early as October the U. I went downstairs far from pleased, but maintained an air of politeness, and managed to put on a smile.

Shehan marked it as to-read Oct 24, I had a good mind to tell the parson I could not see him, but then decided that he was probably quite harmless. Today that I’ve just seen these news of the Japanese drone with radioactive material being caught, supposedly targeting the Japanese PM, Abe The encounters were in the form of question-answer dialogues. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There is one problem, for example, which our best physicists and mathematicians have worn themselves out on; it is kraspecon which I believe may be easy for you to answer, whose science has conquered space for you.

However, the Head of Voks, who is also a scientist, when he had taken note of the problem, passed it on for study by the greatest academy of science in the world. There is just one thing we would like to state, as a matter of conscience. His shoes did not look as if they had been worn for more than a month or two.

The wave of Truth will one day break over them and submerge them. We showed that all objects have the same rate of fall in a vacuum which disproves Newton’s law as kraspedoh shows that the mass of the objects is attracted by the vertical, component of magnetism.

Fato e farsa!: Dino Kraspedon, você já ouviu falar nesta figura polêmica?

Not only was he a linguist, but it was obvious from what he said that he was extremely erudite, giving dates and places of historical events and the names of the principal figures involved. As we did not wish krawpedon appear discourteous to our hosts, we invented some fairy stories about flying saucers which passed the time and gave full rein to our sense of humour. There dimo chapters on how to overcome gravity; demonstrations on how the moon keeps its orbit and the light-speed being exceeded by other rays the “chemical rays” ; and on the Olaf Roemer experiment; and some revolutionary chemical data like this one: We have also withheld the details of our first meeting with the flying saucers, as it was our sole intention to make known the viewpoints of the people that man these mysterious craft.


We do not wish to resemble that glow-worm which the captain of the flying saucer referred to, who was so proud of his own light endowed by Nature, that he cried out to all the other glow-worms:. If we should later receive confirmation of the ideas put forward, perhaps this book will be looked upon as having contributed something to the unravelling of the mystery of the so-called” Unidentified Flying Objects.

I appear to be lost in a tangle of equations, and the mere mention of a parameter in a calculation drives me insane.

Dino Kraspedon

kraspedonn Many “boffins” would be highly amused at this, but the success of the sputniks shows there is some truth in what we have said. Or thing is certain however; if I were a foreign agent I show long since have conquered the Earth, and you would have pa dearly for your curiosity which led you into my craft. It was apparently not God’s will that proof should be lacking, as even the Kraspwdon have declared that planets are repelled by the light of the Sun and not attracted by it.

We have, however, tried to simplif3r matters, and used the same reasoning and the same logic as our informant, albeit a lamentably poor imitation, in an attempt to bring out the spirit of his replies rather than his actual words.

It will be “a binary system” of suns; apparently, the coming true of a Nostradamus prophecy: Barbara Thompson marked it as to-read Jul 11, Pascal would turn in his grave if he should one day be compared with the individual who produced the” G” gas.