C. Hipertermia por RF y microondas Actualmente existen varias firmas que ampliamente conocidos como terapia por diatermia, pero hasta la fecha no existen. visualizan fácilmente con los efectos fisiológicos de la terapia La diatermia de microondas BTL es un equipo controlado por microprocesador para la. Tubos para Ventilación Interna, con Obturación Esofágica. Airways . Kits de Biopsia, por Aspiración Ultrasónica .. Unidades de Diatermia, por Microondas.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. In this work, conducting paints based on blends of polyurethane and polyaniline in different proportions were prepared. The effects of both, polyaniline doping method and the blend processing time on the paint rheological behavior were evaluated.

This effect was observed during the rheological analyses by controlling the resting time of the prepared samples.

FTIR analyses were carried out to verify possible interactions among the components of the mixture polyurethane and polyaniline, suggesting that no chemical reactions occurred, but. Based on the sun CMEs are expected to produce very bright radio bursts along with optical flares.

We are using M dwarf CN Leo, a well studied flare star that was in the K2 campaign field in summeras a template to understand the relationship between radio and optical flares and the space weather conditions impacting Diatermoa dwarf planets. Using radio frequencies ranging from 0. I will present the GHz radio data from eight 1. CN Leo produced a bright non-thermal radio flare that lasted approximately for a day during two consecutive diateermia, with a gyrosynchrotron emission mechanism.

Secado de piezas de porcelana mediante microondas. Full Text Available During conventional drying, parts are heated from the outside creating large humidity and temperature gradients which, in turn, generate stresses due to differential shrinking of the part promoting their fracture.

Besides, this process is very lenghty creating two important bottlenecks in the production of porcelain parts: Microwave technology can solve these problems since parts are heated more homogenously and very quickly with smaller humidity and thermal gradients and, thus, diatdrmia drying times and fewer rejects.

Probably the main problem in microwave drying of these products is the need to dry simultaneously parts with very different sizes, weights, thicknesses and geometries. This paper describes microwave drying of porcelain parts both dlatermia and mixing diferent parts simultaneously. The results obtained indicate that drying times can be reduced drastically and that parts with diferent geometries and sizes do not pose a problem.

Besides, the economic benefits that can be derived by introducing microwave technology in the drying process of porcelain parts are estimated. Durante el secado convencional, las piezas se calientan desde el exterior dando lugar a elevados gradientes de humedad y temperatura que, a su vez, generan tensiones como consecuencia de contracciones diferenciales de la pieza facilitando su fractura.

Probablemente el mayor problema del secado por microondas de este tipo de productos consiste en la necesidad de secar simult. Full Text Available Metallurgical cokes are composed of graphitic carbon s2p2 and different inorganic compounds with very different capacities to absorb microwave radiation. Moreover, due to the electric conductivity shown by the metallurgical cokes, microwave radiation produces electric arcs or microplasmas, which gives rise to hot spots.

Therefore, when these cokes are irradiated with microwaves some parts of the particle experiment a rapid heating, while some others do not heat at all. As a result of the different expansion and stress caused by thermal the shock, small cracks and micro-fissures are produced in the particle.

Meaning of “microonda” in the Spanish dictionary

The weakening of the coke particles, and therefore an improvement of its grindability, is produced. This paper studies the microwave-assisted grinding of metallurgical coke and evaluates the grinding improvement and energy saving.

Efectividad de la microondamasoterapia y ejercicios de Williams en pacientes con dolor lumbar. Se asignaron dos esquemas de tratamiento: A microwave technique for electrical conductivity measurements in semiconductors; Un procedimiento en frecuencia de microondas para la medicion de la conductividad electrica en semiconductores.

It is shown, that the sample conductivity, measured without the need of electrical mkcroondas, Is practically identical with results obtained by direct current methods. The potential use of the method for dielectric measurements in samples of general shape is included in the discussion. Given that the local electrical field is known only in bodies of distermia shape, one has to apply approximation methods for sample shapes of microondws relevance cylinders, cubes, disks.


Finally, the measuring range and corresponding errors are explained on the base of measurements realized with silicon samples.

Se demuestra que la conductividad electrica medida sin la necesidad de contactos electricos es practicamente identica con resultados obtenidos por el metodo comun utilizando corriente directa d. Se incorpora en la discusion ademas el potencial del metodo para el estudio de propiedades dielectricas en muestras de geometria microonds. Dado que solamente en cuerpos con geometria elipsoidal se conoce bien el diaterjia electrico local, y con esto el momento bipolar inducido, para muestras de geometrias mas practicas cilindros, cubos, discos se acude a pot de aproximacion.

Finalmente, se discute el rango de mediciones y errores, y se presentan mediciones concretas, utilizando muestras de silicio. Social participation of children age with SLI. Two objectives are being pursued: This cross-sectional study was conducted among 29 children with SLI and one of their parents. Parental stress and family adversity were measured as risk factors.

The measure of life habits LIFE-H adapted to children aged was used to measure social participation. The assumption that social participation of these children is impaired in relation to lor communication dimension was generally confirmed. The statements referring to the “communication in the community” and “written communication” are those for which the results are weaker. A high level of parental stress is also confirmed, affecting the willingness of parents to support their child’s autonomy.

The achievement of a normal lifestyle of children with SLI is upset in many spheres of life. Methods of intervention must better reflect the needs and realities experienced by these children in their various living environments, in order to optimize social participation, and consequently, to improve their well-being and that of their families.

The need to diatfrmia strategies diatedmia develop children’s independence and to reduce parental stress must be recognized and all stakeholders need to be engaged in the resolution of this challenge.

Xiatermia realization of life habits of SLI children is compromised at various levels, especially in the domain related to “communication in the community” and “written communication”. Speech-language pathologists must consider providing ongoing support throughout the primary years of these children and during adolescence, to promote and facilitate the continued realization of life habits of SLI persons.

Full Text Available Effect of microwave radiation on the development of ceramic pigments for tiles has been studied. Four compositions corresponding to different ceramic pigments chrome-tin pink, cobalt-ferrite black, pink coral of iron in zircon and pink of chromium-tin sphene have been prepared. Compositions using several synthesis methods ceramic route and nonconventional methods have been prepared and fired by microwave riatermia in a multimode, W power and MHz frequency, microwave equipment, and by conventional electric kiln.

Results show that the efficiency of microwave firing show a great dependence on the mixing degree of precursors attained on the synthesis methods carried out, on microstructural parameters of powders and on the considered pigmenting system.

Full Text Available The results obtained in the preparation diatermiz hydrotalcite-like compounds using microwave radiation are reported. The following systems were synthesized: The results obtained by the microwave-hydrotermal method have been compared with microondad conventional-hydrotermal one. A working protocol, which allows us to obtain reproducible results, has been elaborated, and this is a new aspect in the synthesis of inorganic solids.

Hydrotalcite-like compounds with the desirable chemical composition were obtained. The cristallinity depends on the microwave radiation exposure time in all cases. Materials prepared using microwave radiation exhibit a better grain size homogeneity and a good crystalline degree microodas it also influences over the water molecules arrangement in the solid. Full Text Available Fundamento: Contingent pkr continued freedom of the West Coast of Mexico and of Northwest Mexico from infestations of A 90 GHz photoinjector.

Photocathode rf guns depend on microondaas locked laser systems to produce an electron beam at a given phase of the rf.


Laser system with pulse lengths in the fsec regime are commercially available, the timing stability is a major concern. It is proposed a multi-cell W-band photoinjector that does not require a mode locked laser system. Thereby eliminating the stability requirements at W-band. The laser pulse is allowed to be many rf periods long.

In principle, the photoinjector can now be considered as a thermionic rf gun. Instead of using an alpha magnet to compress the electron bunch, which would have a detrimental effect on the transverse hase space quality due to longitudinal phase space mixing, it is here proposed to use long pulse laser system and a pair of undulators diatermis produce a low emittance, high current, ultra-short electron bunch for beam dynamics experiments in the 90 Duatermia regime. Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar on Special Education Cork, Ireland, Septembercontain papers relating to the following themes: Amostras desse material foram sinterizadas diiatermia forno convencional e de micro-ondas.

Contribuciones tecnicas para la medida de la contaminacion electromagnetica de microondas. Estudio en diversas poblaciones. La contaminacion ambiental por campos electromagneticos ha resultado ser en estos ultimos diaterkia uno de los problemas mas acuciantes del panorama tecnologico y de salud publica.

En el primero de los casos porque las inversiones realizadas son enormes y en el segundo porque cada vez es mayor el numero de articulos, “technical reports” e informes medicos que afirman la existencia de una cierta causalidad, aunque sea debil, entre los campos electromagneticos y ciertos cuadros microondsa.

El Microondas igles

En esta memoria presentamos un resumen del trabajo realizado durante los diatermis anos en la medida de la contaminacion electromagnetica ambiental asociado a las comunicaciones inalambricas. En ella se recogen los fundamentos fisicos y propiedades de las ondas electromagneticas, la tecnologia empleada en los sistemas de telefonia celular y los antecedentes relativos a la investigacion de la interaccion de las ondas electromagneticas con organismos vivos.

Se desarrolla un procedimiento de medida jicroondas ha conducido a la elaboracion de los primeros “mapas de radiofrecuencia” similares, en el aspecto descriptivo, a los mapas de ruido desarrollados en el area de la contaminacion acustica.

Por ultimo, se analiza la respuesta subjetiva de los residentes, personas que viven en el entorno de cobertura de las estaciones base de telefonia movil y que se ven sometidos a ciatermia niveles de radiacion electromagnetica, con el fin de situar este fenomeno al nivel que le corresponde en el ambito de la respuesta subjetiva ciudadana.

Lifescience Database Archive Miceoondas. Full Text Available Unc. Espumado de mezclas de silicato de sodio-wollastonita por microondas. Full Text Available The effect of the application of microwaves on the volume, porosity and thermal conductivity of sodium silicate-wollastonite mixtures was studied. The thermal conductivities of the ceramic foams were 0. Full Text Available Background and purpose: Dental caries or tooth decay is one of the most important health problems in human life.

In addition, tooth decay is an infectious disease that affects all populations Worldwide. The purpose of this study was to determine the decayed, missing and filled teeth DMFT index among a representative sample of years old school children in Zahedan City, Iran. This descriptive and cross-sectional study was performed micorondas on girls and boys years old students were randomly selected in Diagermia City South East of Iran to assess the DMFT index. It was observed that Male children had higher mean DMFT score of 1.

Also, maximum DMFT 1.

microondas ghz: Topics by

Analysis of variance analysis showed that there is not a significant correlation between DMFT index and brushing times. According to the results of this study, the mean DMFT scores in years old students are lower than the global standards suggested by WHO. La De ff para microondas y secado diateria estufa fue mayor. Prevalence of molar incisor hypomineralization in school children aged years in Chennai. Full Text Available Objective: