Breviarium romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii tridentini restitutum, s. Pii v pontificis maximi jussu editum, aliorumque pontificum cura recognitum, Pii papæ . Missale Romanum, ex decreto sacrosancti concilii Tridentini restitutumque Pii V pont. max. iussi editium. Coimbra Ecclesia Catholica—Missale—Toledo. )6 *(+69*@[email protected]+(7&(-*)6+/(48) 4*)6 2.;*)/21(52?. +6) *) (@(4() *. *)8) *-*()*)/) 9 [email protected])*-;(

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Angola – – Law, Act. Angola – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Regula el derecho a las vacaciones anuales pagadas garantizado a todos los trabajadores. Reemplaza las disposiciones correspondientes del decreto 22 de El nuevo estatuto deroga y reemplaza el estatuto precedente, dictado por decreto 22 de Se inscribe en el contexto de la ley sobre el trabajo depublicada en la SL – Ang.

Se establecen dos formas de pago: Angola – – International agreement. Quedan derogadas todas las disposiciones contrarias al presente decreto. Antigua and Barbuda – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Antigua and Barbuda – – Law, Act. Social Security Amendment Act, No.

Medical Benefits Amendment Act, No. Domestic Violence Act No. AN ACT to provide greater protection for victims of domestic violence and to make provision decreeto the granting of protection orders and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

Child Justice Act, No. AN ACT to establish a criminal justice process for children accused of committing offences based on restorative justice and which aims at protecting the rights of children; to provide for the minimum age of criminal capacity of such children; to institute diversion of cases away from dereto court procedures; to establish drcreto of children and an initial inquiry as compulsory procedures; to extend the sentencing options available in respect of children; to consolidate the laws on the administration of justice for children; and for connected purposes.

Children Care and Adoption Act, No. AN ACT to provide for the care and, protection and adoption of children, operation of adoption services and other related matters and for connected purposes. Repeals the following Acts: Status of Children Act No. Special Economic Zone Act, No. AN ACT to set up a Special Economic Zone to promote and establish self-contained, industrial, commercial and financial corporate offices and business centres, with solid and good infrastructure, to facilitate public and private sector participation in a competitive and attractive environment for the promotion of economic development and the creation of jobs in Antigua and Barbuda.

Environmental Protection and Management Act, No. AN ACT to provide for sustainable environmental protection and management, to establish effective allocation of administrative responsibilities for environment management, the undertaking and coordination of environmental management, and related activities, the incorporation of international treaty obligations with respect to the environment into national and law related matters.


To establish and consolidate in one legal regime the Implementation of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements and to provide the framework financial mechanism to implement the Act.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Barbuda Fisheries Regulations, S. These Regulations, made by the Barbuda Council under the Barbuda Local Government Act, provide with respect to selected matters concerning fisheries in Barbuda: A person shall not fish or attempt to fish in Barbuda without having decrdto him or her a valid Barbuda Special Area Permit.

The Council may place conditions on permits based on species, time, area, gear, fishing method, or any other criteria necessary or appropriate for the long-term sustainability and edcreto management of the marine ecosystem of Barbuda.

These Regulations, made under section 15 of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act, regulates the registration pesticides and toxic chemicals and authorization of the manufacture and handling of and the trade in such goods.

The Board shall not issue a licence or permit in respect of a pesticide or toxic chemical unless the pesticide or toxic chemical is registered under these Regulations. The application for registration shall contain the information set out in Annex 1 to these Regulations and shall be accompanied by the fee indicated in Annex 5. The Registrar shall register a pesticide or toxic chemical for a specific purpose, which may be agriculture. Licences that may be obtained include a: The holder of a Licence of the type identified in Column I of Annex 3 shall comply with: The Regulations also set out in Annex 4 storage, distribution, packaging, labelling and application requirements.

The holder of a licence to import shall keep records in accordance with these Regulations. Data Protection Act, No. AN ACT to promote the protection of personal data processed by public and private bodies and for incidental and connected purposes.

Co-operative Societies Amendment Act, No. Forms of notice decreho 5. First Schedule Method of attestation 6. Competent Military Authorities Second Schedule 7. Transfer between Units 8. Terms of Service of enlistment 9. Reduction in rank of substantive warrant deccreto and non-commissioned officers other than lance corporals Reduction in rank of acting warrant officer and non-commissioned officers lance corporals Warrant to warrant officer third Schedule. Defence Summary Jurisdiction Regulations, S.

Jurisdiction of Commanding Officer 5. Power of Commanding Officer 6. Restrictions on power delegate 9. Jurisdiction of superior authority Terms of enlistment and engagement 3. Forms of Notice paper First Schedule 4. Method of attestation 5. Competent Military Authority 6. Warrants to warrant officer Second Schedule 8. Reduction in rank 9. Compulsory Period of Training Course of instruction and attachment to the Regular Force Notification of training Place of attendance when called out Payment of contributions 5.


Time of deduction of contributions 6. Derceto to deduct employee’s contribution from emoluments 7. Calculation of deductions 8.

Tax Free emoluments 9. Return by employer Inspection of employer’s records Death of employer Succession to the business etc. Type of age benefit 5. Rate of age pension 7. Rate of age grant 9. Date on which pension becomes payable Regulates the insurance, registration and contributions of self-employed workers as well as benefits.

Co-operative Society Regulations, SI. An Act to enable person to acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by registration following investment in Antigua and Barbuda and for incidental and connected purposes. Fisheries Regulations, S. Civil Service Amendment Regulations, S. Amends Regulation A by revoking and replacing subsection 3 with the following: The main change is to provide in the Schedule more detailed national standards with which shipowners have to comply, though without substantive change.

This results from discussions in the International Labour Office in December on the application of the Convention, and also the experience of Recognised Organisations and shipowners on the operation of the Regulations. In addition there are changes to the body of the Regulations, in that the requirements on certification is now placed in the Schedule, and the application to non-Antigua and Barbuda ships made more precise and in line with the planned operation of the Convention.

Purpose of Regulations 5. Exceptions and exclusions 6. Schedule to apply 7. General compliance duty 8.

GEA MB/F – Engicam s.r.l.

Carriage of documents 9. Fraud, misuse of certificates, etc. Offences in connection with inspections The Principal Act is rectified in section 31 2 a by substituting the word “c” with the word “b”. Makes a vecreto number of amendments to the principal Act. Amendment of section 2 – Interpretation 4. Repeal and substitution of section 3 – Electoral Commission 5.

Amendment of section 4 – Removal from office 6. Amendment of section 5 – Quorum at meetings 7.